Monday , September 26 2022

Iryna Bilyk became an Ukrainian administrator "poured out"


The Ukrainian pop singer, Irina Bilyk, often changes his own appearance, painting his hair in different colors and experimenting with beauty injections (not always successful). The shoot was held in a capital city of Ukraine and lasted less than a day.

A video pop singer appears in the form of a server. So, the best friend to Ira Nussia, the family of famous Kharkov surgeons, restored Andrey Zadorozhny and others ran in the shooting.

Leonid's role was performed by Vadim Pisarev's ballet maker, and his wife – ballerina Christina Shishpor.

The video appeared on the artist's YouTube channel.

The heroes were recycled unusually for themselves, sometimes even beautiful and ironic roles.

The creature of the song came to Bilyk. This is the essence of the video itself – to ease public fun.

In the clip Irina Bilyk plays a server that installs the client (Leonid) with a malicious clearance and complains that he is married.

The fans' views were shared for the new video – someone liked the new style and humor of the artist, the remainder of the "cheap canson" name.

Irina Bilyk
Irina Bilyk canson: a new clip of star Lenya Leonid surprised fans

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