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Astronomy was the most incompatible signs of the Sidon

Non-compliant zodiac signs.

Who can not go with each other?

The well-known psychologist, astronomer and psychologist, Sergey Lang, are known as six pairs of signs of zodiacs, whose relationship is likely to be lost to failure.

"Of course, there are exceptions, but in my habit, I pointed out some signs of the Sidon, exactly opposite each other," he told StarHit.


Aries and Virgo are two different people. This couple will not be able to go on, they will have a steady conflict, and will be partly as unexpected enemies. Even the strongest love can not save this relationship.


Leo and Scorpio are very strong personalities that will never contribute to each other. In these links, there is usually a constant struggle for leadership, where there is no winner. Most importantly, Leo nor Scorpio never admit their mistakes.

Twins and Capricorn

The biggest problem in this couple is that Capricorn is quite quiet and people from the family, and the Twins, are in a breach, love noisy parties. They do not understand each other, and both in relationships will be boring.


In this relationship there will be constant claims to each other. Permanent scandals and eternal complaints will not allow this couple to create a long relationship.


Uncomfortable with each other. They will not understand. Cancer will be under constant stress, and in turn, Libra will show a strong mission. These zodiac signs bring together only suffering.


Two hard people who always try to stop their partner. This union is tired, and the vision will be long, since no-one wants to come back.

Also, any two signs are the same incompatible.

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