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In the Kiev region of the site suffered two soldiers – According to media reports, grenade explosives were found


Posted on February 21, 2019

Near Kiev, because of the explosion in the test site, two military men suffered: it became known what could have caused

Military training land. Photo:

Two soldiers suffered an explosion on an unknown object at a test site in the Kiev region. This is reported by the press service for the 72 separate mechanical brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

It explains that the victims are being taken urgently to the hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and provides the necessary help. Now their life is not at risk.

It has been established that the explosion causes personal crimes of security measures.

"We want to emphasize again: you should not touch unidentified and suspicious objects on military grounds. This is dangerous," said the press service.

The circumstances of the event will help establish an official investigation.

According to UNN, a hand grenade could have exploded on the site.

"According to one of the versions, manually grenade exploded.

A criminal case was opened under Article 425 ("Careless Attitude towards Military Service") of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

As reported by NEWSONE earlier, on December 8, military has been wounded during a shooting exercise from the Kalashnikov attack rifle.

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