Thursday , May 26 2022

In Spain, what actually happened was a VAR "empty" room in a Real game


Other episodes with the VAR re-video system have occurred.

During the Spanish match between Valladolid and Real Madrid, there was a strange event – the referee, Jesus Gil Manzano, twice awarded VAR for the Valladolid goals. When the viewers showed the camera scene, which has locked in the room for video vessels, the room was empty and with the lights off.

Following the twitter game of the analytical program, Carrusel Deportico (a Spanish analog of Match of the day) said that the VAR room was wrong during the TV broadcast – this was used in previous games. There were a total of such rooms in La Liga 6, in the match between Valladolid and Real Madrid.

A little later, the correct room was shown – where everyone worked:

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