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I'm in a better shape than ever –


Winger Kiev talked about the rehabilitation process.


May 21, 2019 09:43

Center player Dynamo Mikkel Duelund talked about recovery from injury and his current form.

Denmark's winger took part in the match with Mariupol (2: 1) last weekend, replacing it in the 90th minute.

“Replacement at the end of the game at our stadium was an amazing feeling. Our supporters were great and supported me during rehabilitation. I lost football so much, but I came back and I had to put everything into the rest of the season. ” T

"I'm in better physical form than ever. I just didn't recover from an injury to my ankle, but also to bring my body to an optimal shape. I had to return even better than before the injury. "

“As I'm criticizing the first games, I'm surprised by the best side. I'm glad to see that I hadn't lost technique and speed. I worked on the shots and I was glad I managed to get a free kick for the youth team. – Duelund said in an interview with the portal

In the current season, the 21-year-old man played in a white blue T-shirt, differentiating with one goal and three assistants.

Earlier, Dynamo midfielder Viktor Tsygankov was said to have improved his record for the “pas + +” system in the season.

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