Tuesday , May 18 2021

Huawei has shown a smart mobile phone instead of "bangs"

Huawei has shown a smart mobile phone instead of

Huawei has smartphone patented, to increase the display area instead "monobrow" a "fall" used to break tidy.

What's like

Ar look first There is only a regular cut to the speaker on the screen. But on really hiding there and front camera, a sensors needed. It seemed pretty tidy and in agreement

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<p>True while<span class= Not Huawei He confirmed the validity of this patent, so unknown be absolutely with the device so break.

Recall in the last time what's not Makers invented for frame design: "monobrow"like u iPhone X a his followers, sliders (Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Honor Magic 2), drop-shaped cutouts (Oppo F9 a F9 Pro, OnePlus 6T), front cameras that can be pulled back (Vivo NEX). A in the next year, Samsung should release "holey" smartphones

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