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How was the presentation of the Schirі calendar? Holy 2019 and an exhibition of the same name in Kiev


Canu Matvienko and Efrosinina exposure: the presentation of the calendar

Opening the exhibition "Holy Landlord" (collage: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

The presentation was attended by the participants of the Shchirі project: Nina Matvienko, Masha Efrosinina, Lyudmila Barbir, Solomiya Melnik and Natalya Galanevich

An official presentation and opening a thematic exhibition was honored to launch the third calendar "ShirС" charity at the Ivan Gonchar Museum in Kiev on November 14. This time, the project organizers organized a unique calendar photo for national festivals and ceremonies: Marriage, Pokrov, Spas, Trinity, and others. All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be spent on the rebuilding of the Ivan Gonchar Museum, which suffered from flooding.

The exhibition, where you can see 12 star pictures, runs until December 2. You will learn 12 stories at the price of Ukrainians from hundreds of different regions of Ukraine.

15 Ukrainian stars sought authentic folk costumes from the end of XIX – begin the XX century. All the unique images of different images were discovered in different parts of Ukraine, and it was presented to the public in the form of a charity's photo project.

How the opening of the exhibition and presentation of the calendar "SchirС. Holy – 2019" (video: LITE / RBC-Ukraine; Valentina Balabanova)

On the pages "SchirС. Sveta – 2019" calendar, folk images are represented by: Tina Karol, Jamala, Nata Zizhchenko (UNUKA), Alexandra Zaritskaya (KAZKA), Solomiya Melnik and Natalya Galanevich (Dakh Daughters) , Nina Mitrofanovna Matvienko, television presenters Masha Efrosinina, Lysya Nikityuk, Ruslan Senichkin and Lyudmila Barbir, Marina Kukhar, Grigory and Kristina Reshetniki with their children, the dancer Ekaterina Kukhar.

It should be noted that the "Shіrі" project has declared itself first in 2014, when Ukrainian stars showed the wealth and variety of Ukrainian costume. In 2016, the second part of the project, "SchirС., Spadschina," saw the light. And here 2019 will be hosted by festivals and rituals.

Details of the unique folk uniforms presented in the "Holy World" exhibition. (Photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

Nina Matvienko: "I'll be connecting winter with pearls"

Nina Mitrofanovna Matvienko

Nina Mitrofanovna Matvienko presents the "Schir. Sanct – 2019" exhibition (photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

Real decoration of the presentation of the "Holy. Holy" exhibition was the speech of National Artist of Ukraine Nina Mitrofanovna Matvienko.

Along with the children's folklore ensemble "Oreli", the actor represents the holiday of Nicholas in the calendar, which in the Ukrainian tradition appears as a Miracle maker, works wonders and helps poor and sick. The organizers of the exhibition indicated that the ginger – "Pianky" was an important propriety of the holiday. For boys, a horse was baked with a horse, and for girls, curly shaped shrimp in shoes and with horns.

Nina Matvienko

Nina Mitrofanovna also sang before the guests of the exhibition (photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

The most interesting element of the image is Matvienko's embroidery with wool thread (garlic).

"I had not cashed such a thing, my dad was (ed. – Nina Mitrofanovna and aned in 1947 in the village of Nedelishe, Zhytomyr region). The symbolic significance signs, wealth of man and family. Not everyone can afford to caste. As one person was about dressing the village, it was difficult to hide everything, "recalls Nina Matvienko.

Nina Mitrofanovna noted that the casin, who tried her during the shoot, was very heavy.

"It's very heavy, but it did not take the shot long. We make make-up for longer than we have made. Look at these lovely girls! I forget about everything with them , "smiles Artist of the People of Ukraine.

Nina Matvienko, Want. Holidays

Nina Matvienko and Oreli Children's Children's Literature Group; Nikolay (photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

"I still have a coral, dukach necklace, and the bricks are wealthy. For one such necklace, a cow was sold. The cow is a bread winner & # 39; for the whole family, he was protected for any money, "explained Nina Matvienko.

"I'll remember the winter with chariots. I can remember how I was already in Kiev. He went with friends to cart around all the authors, poets, composers – it was a great honor. youth … Childhood, of course! We did fly on the rods, here is my school. I can remember how I was still small, in the winter there were huge jumps and men dug tunnels from home to house. We, the children, run through the tunnels. Also, the winter is cool when we could not go outside, because of which shoes (Ed. – The Matvienko family had 11 children). Whoever first raised – that and shoes. As in the saying: "He got up the first time, he took that pants," recalls Nina Mitrofanovna.

Masha Efrosinina: "As if you were to touch someone's story and they allowed you to go there for a few minutes … These dresses have their own lives"

Masha Efrosinina

Masha Efrosinina is a bride of the Ivano-Frankivsk district, Kolomyya district, p. Kornich, Pokut & e, early. XX century On TV presenter: shirt of home cloth, embroidered with wool thread; waist costume – "opinka"; padded to woven; capture "with a rocker", decorated with wool chords and appliqué leather; glass "written patsorki", zgarda of coins, pearls; Wedding torch of blast glass beads, flowers (photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

The opening of the "Shtiri. Svyata" exhibition was visited by one of the other stars of the project, Masha Efrosinina. A third-time TV host participates in the "Shchirі" project, this time was the Ivano-Frankivsk district bride image.

"The three years that a" Shchiri "project always takes me down to the waist, but the most interesting thing is that I'm wearing it down all rules, except, for shoes – she was not wearing at all. I was wearing a skirt, floating The second thing that's my back to me is when the people who & They are responsible for these costumes, they are only caring for the costumes, that is, you will stand as long as they are necessary to sit on you validly. The organizers ensured that so many beads, as much as needed by the rules, for example, without a picture the image would look beautiful it's more fashionable, but there's no fashion at all. This is a reproduction of Ukrainian real costume, "said MITE Efrosinina to LITE / RBC-Ukraine.


Masha Efrosinina opening the exhibition and presentation of the calendar "Schir. Sanct – 2019" (photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

The presenter noted that his participation in the "Shchiri" project was a truly seamless and spiritual reality.

"Every day I was able to wear an embroidery shirt.ed. – catch) You can wear some specials … I was asked if I could wear this fashion for Fashion Week, to shock in such a way. The fact is that I treat this project as something spiritual and incredible, this is not surprised by this, somehow not even by themselves, I do not want. In the opposite, everyone is so cautious, quiet, and a mess about him. I like it, as if you'd touch someone's story and let you go there for a few minutes. And then go live your life, because these dresses have their own lives. It impressed me, "Efrosinina shares her emotions.

Sincerely. Holidays

By the way, during the presentation, each girl could try a wedding cuch that she made him eprosinine (photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

Ludmila Barbir: "Sometimes I can not believe that this is the costumes – so rich, brilliant"

Another famous participant we were able to communicate was a TV presenter "Snіdanku s 1 + 1" "Lyudmila Barbir. Along with a colleague, Ruslan Senichkin, he tried to wear costumes from the Sumy region , start 20th century Holidays – Trinity Please note that a week before Trinity (Green Holidays) has decorated the house with herbs and hives to attract good spirits and spoil bad ones.

TV presenters Lyudmila Barbir and Ruslan Senichkin

TV presenters Lyudmila Barbir and Ruslan Senichkin. Holidays – Trinity (photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

"This is my first experience, although before I got a lot of photo footwear in Hutsul's costume, because I'm Hutsul … We must appreciate ourselves, we must know that we have not only great places, people, history, but also chic costumes. I thought that there were soaring costumes in the Hutsul or Poltava region. And when I took part in this shot and seeing other images, sometimes I can not believe that this is the costumes – so rich, brilliant, so beautiful "- Ludmila Barbir shares his emotions.

TV presenter Lyudmila Barbir

TV presenter Lyudmila Barbir (photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

According to the TV presenter, she liked "coral" (cora beads) in the picture as a whole.

"This is 4.5 kg on the chest, I was worn for about three consecutive hours – I was very tired! I do not know how the girls at the time were wearing them. , unique cross & Apple Spas, have encrusted with glass. Dukach, a bunch of paper colors … And our shirts are unique with Ruslan. These shirts are really couples, it's unique embroidery for the husband and the wife, "said Lyudmila Barbir in the comment to LITE.

"Holy Holy" calendar – 2019 ": other project participants

Jamala, Eithaf. Holidays

Jamala, holiday is a marriage. Cherkasy Region, early. XX century (picture: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

Sincerely. Holidays

Canu Matvienko and Efrosinina exposure: the presentation of the calendar

Costumes Jamal has done. Marriage torch of woolen pom-poms, paper flowers and glass beads; jacquard ribbons. Coel necklace, blurred glass, dukach silver with a bow (picture: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

Catherine Cook

Catherine Kukhar, holidays – marriage. Lviv region, town. Opole. Kon XIX – start. XX century (picture: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

Tina Karol

Tina Karol, the holiday – Savior, is a symbol of the end of the summer. Allfit: Ivano-Frankivsk region, Kosovsky area, p. Kosmach (photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

Solomiya Melnik to Natalya Galanevich

Solomiya Melnik to Natalya Galanevich (Dakh Daughters), holidays – Forty Saints, Kiev region. On this day, the firstborn born arrives – the ships. Girls bake bird doughs and provide their homes (photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

Nata Zhizhchenko / ONUKA (holidays – marriage), Alexandra Zaritskaya / KAZKA (marriage), Marina Kukhar (Easter), Solomiya Melnik from Natalya Galanevich (Dakh Daughters, Forty Saints), Gregory and Christina Reshetniki with their children (Pokrova Blessed Virgin Mary). Photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine

Calendar "Holy Holy – 2019"

Arrange a calendar here. Cost: large wall – 600 UAH; small board – 350 UAH.

The exhibition will take place at the Ivan Gonchar Museum in Kiev (vul. Lavrskaya, 19) from November 14 to December 2, 2018.

Work timetable: 10: 00-17: 30. Closed on Monday.

How was the presentation of the calendar "Sacred SchirС" – 2019 "(photo: LITE / RBC-Ukraine)

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