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Hoffenheim – Miner. On the night – presents the announcement of the fifth Champions League round match between Hoffenheim and Shakhtar.

After two devastating defeats in Manchester City's ready-running rounds, the Fonseca team became in a difficult tournament situation. Now, to get out of the group, the Pitmen need to win in the last two fights. To do this, given the resistance of the opponents, it will be very difficult, but the excavator will certainly fight for the end.

Hoffenheim vs. Miner

Tuesday, November 27, 10 PM Sinsheim, Wirson Rhein-Neckar Arena. The arbitrator is Ivan Kruzhlyak (Slovakia). Live live on Futbol 1.

Who would have thought before starting the Champions League group stage that the Miner would close the Fourth Quartet board before the last two battles, and with only two credits in the asset. But the situation at the moment means that everything does not depend on the Paulo Fonseca team. Such a different draw in the initial rounds with Hoffenheim and Lyon turned out with a sad sadness, followed by a double disappointment of the pair games with the favorite Dinas Dinas group. A 0: 3 home was replaced by a uniform uniform (6: 0), and now, in order to continue to participate in the most prestigious Old World tournament, the Miner needs to rely not only on himself, but also on the great principles of the English. Sir Alex is eager to return Lyon's preference for the initial defeat, and for the Pitmen it's very important that the British is doing it.

I hope someone, but do it yourself. Fonsek realizes that there is no place to retreat, and he even went to rare measures. In the game with Lvov (0: 0), Portuguese gave some rest to some of the leading performers and was clearly ordered to Marlos to travel to Germany. Uk Shakhtar leaders with visible comfort, and now he can afford to transfer forces to the Champions League. Hoffenheim was originally considered almost one hundred percent outside the group, but at present its opportunities to go second look really real. Judge to you, in the final, the team of Julian Nagelsmann will play against Manchester City will not be canceled. True, before there is a difficult battle at Rhine-Neckar Wirson Arena. Taking into account the peripetias of Kharkov Shakhtar meeting with Hoffenheim (fighting 2: 2), it will not be easy for anyone in it …

Last weekend, Hoffenheim, along with Gerta, had a real scoring show. The score 3: 3 could be larger, but in any case, the Nagelsmann team is still sixth in the table. By the way, the Bavaria crisis, but an emergency is located only one step higher. Desirable neighborhood, is it not? However, it is already clear that Hoffenheim is far from a sweet bridge, and certainly has its own ambition for the current European season.

In the personnel plan, the Shakhtar mentor had "serious problems". Moraes only returned to Tyson to the ranks, Fernando went for a long time. On the way, Marlos, who is not yet a supporter for the team, but he's qualitatively replaced by Sergei Bolbat's hard worker. There are holes in safeguarding. Fonseke will have to now consider who will replace the injured Jaroslav Rakitsky. There are options, of course, the only role of Yaroslav in the Pitmen defensive construction too stressful. It is also not clear with the right hand side, where one of the three Oleg Danchenko, Bogdan Butko and Nikolai Matvienko wagon of the station can be.

Of course, the maths of miners could be enough to take in Germany with the prerequisite for Victoria over Lyon in the final. But here is that if the French loses Manchester City and Hoffenheim in the last game he will not win the same British. In any case, the Pitmen goes to Germany only for victory, with hidden hope about the principles of Guardiola.

Interesting facts

– In the event of a defeat, the Miner ends in the last place in the group;

– In the last four games of Shakhtar in the Champions League, he lost the Pitmen three times with one draw.

Indicative compositions

Hoffenheim: Baumann – Kadezhabek, Akpoguma, Vogt, Bichakchich, Schultz – Demirbai, Nordtveit, Kramarić – Joelinton, Salai

Miner: Pyatov – Butko, Kryvtsov, Matvienko, Ismaili – Stepanenko, Maicon – Bolbat, Kovalenko, Tyson – Moraes


Julian Nagelsmann, Hoffenheim coach:

"We had a good game on the road, except for the last 20 minutes, and he could decide his result earlier. We had very good anti-battles, which are very important. Pitmen lost Manchester City twice in a row I expect the attack game. "

Paulo Fonseca, Shakhtar coach:

"We understand until the end of the group's game that only two games are available, and of course we need to win both. We are currently focusing on the game with Hoffenheim only. we will be in the Champions League or Europa League – we'll see later. We set ourselves for tomorrow's game and we're thinking step by step, and we will analyze how it will come. This season is at the end of the campaign. We can not do this in advance in any case. "

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