Thursday , May 19 2022

Hello Musk is ready to fly to Mars


Founder of SpaceX, Mad Masters, has stated his willingness to fly to Mars. The inventor talked about his plans to fly to space in an interview with Axius.

"I estimate that I can fly to Mars myself as a probability of 70%. I'm talking about the cost of a" ticket "there for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the likelihood of dying on Mars or during The journey is much higher than on Earth. So far we can not fully appreciate the danger to human life when traveling through deep space, "- said the business.

It is known that the founder of SpaceX has already announced the launch of the Mars induction program in 2022, and was planning to send a ship with live solicitors there in 2024. Also, the company has already presented a concert suit for Martian conditions.

Earlier, Ilon Musk Hyperloop proved before opening.

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