Tuesday , May 24 2022

He refused with Miner. The Schalke youth player dreams of the Ukrainian national team


An 18-year-old striker plays for the Ukraine youth national team Brook Igal… At club level, this footballer represents Germany’s Schalke. At the national level, the forward has the opportunity to play for the national teams of Israel, Canada and Ukraine. But the guy still prefers the Ukrainian team.

Yigal Brook spoke about his football career: “I’m a pure Ukrainian, my parents come from the Luhansk region, from Perevalsk. But I was born in Israel, then we moved to Canada. I could, of course, play for the Israeli or Canadian national teams, but I want to play for the Ukraine.

When I was 16, I screened at several German clubs, where I showed myself well. My agent then offered me the option to go to the test in Bayern Munich. I was there for 10 days, I liked the coach, but then a new coach, Miroslav Klose, should join the team. But Klose didn’t want to take me to the under-19 team. He preferred local footballers. “

Brook was called up to the Ukraine youth national team, and a little later he could have finished at Shakhtar Donetsk, but his parents rejected this idea. In the end, the Ukrainian-born footballer signed a contract with the German Schalke:

“After successful performances for the Ukrainian youth national team, Manchester City scouts approached my father. They became interested in me. But at that time I was less than 18, so that option was dropped. When my coach in the national team, Vladimir Yezerskiy, found out about this, he sent me to Shakhtar. I trained with double for a week, they wanted to sign me, but my parents didn’t want me to be in Ukraine. After that I went to the screening in Germany, where I signed an agreement with Schalke.

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