Tuesday , July 5 2022

Google will add support for bending screens in Android / News / Finance.ua


Google has announced the direct support of folding screens in the Android operating system.

The announcement was held as part of the Android Developer Summit, held in Mountain View, California. Support for the OS creator is very important, as the high quality work of innovative devices with a flexible screen will depend not only on the components, but also on the correct interaction with the software.

If Google was not a common solution for this class of devices, then all manufacturers would have to find their own shell, which would mean that heterogeneous smart folded phones. Sagar Kamdar, the company's product management director, said: "Google is working closely with it OEMpartners and give them the opportunity to share API (development environment).

Although the work of folding screens can be compared with the function of a physics and image in smartphones. The device specifies whether the screen is open or folded, and instantly switches to the other.

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