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Euromaidan – Omega sniper of national protection rejected arrest for suspected Euromaidan protesters – Ukraine


The sniper of the special powers of the Omega "Trophies Internal", which was arrested in suspicion of the murder of a participant in Dignity Revolution, was dismissed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs bodies in 2016, the Office of the Prosecutor General reported.

"At the time of his arrest, he did not work in law enforcement. In 2016, he was extinguished, he worked in a private company," said Sergey Gorbatyuk, the head of the GPU's special inquiries department, # 11; 112. Football League of Ukraine

He explained that the suspect was arrested, and now he is in the remand prison.

"I was arrested on November 3 this year after a doubt of surpassing his official authority and committing a murder in aggravating circumstances. He is responsible for committing, along with … Berkut, the" murder on February 20, "added Gorbatyuk.

In the decision of the Pechersk court to arrest the suspect, his position is stated – a former constable. Since 2013, he has been a senior trainer in training snipers from the group of special unit trainers for fighting the Tropics of Interior.

The investigation found that the sniper shoots an army protester from the site to the right of the concrete blocks in the territory of the Cabinet Cabinet Club.

"The suspect was in a position and had the opportunity to make sure during this period that none of the law enforcement officers in conjunction with the special unit, which included the constable, had physical injuries, without threat to their life or their health, and firearms from protesters ", – says the document.

In turn, the Ukrainian National Guard press service stated that law enforcement agencies did not keep an active soldier in possession of a sniper in NSU units by November 15.

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On November 15, the media reported on arresting the sniper of the special forces "Omega", suspected that members shoot a Dignity Revolution in central Kiev.

The investigation found that those suspected with a sniper rifle "TS.M308", on February 20, 2014, shot the theater director Alexander Khrapachenko, who, along with other campaigners, was just ahead of the "snow barricade" on Heol Institutskaya.

Commander of the Interior Troops Stanislav Shulyak of the Institutskaya group of chipters sent to the special forces unit "Omega" as reinforcing a special company of militia "Berkut". Sniper Groups put on the territory of the Cabinet Cabinet of Ukraine's club.

The suspect was held on October 31 at home, on November 3, arrested by the court for 60 days.

It is responsible for offenses under paragraphs 5, 12 of Part 2 of Art. 115 (a premeditated murder commission, carried out in a way that is dangerous to the lives of many people, by prior agreement by a group of people) and part 3 of art. 365 (more than power and official authority) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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