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Euro 2020's strange mascot was laughing


Euro 2020's strange mascot was laughing"Freestyler" was not surprised.

The European Football Union introduced the official Europe 2020 Championship mascot
The Euro-2020 mascot was introduced to fans in Amsterdam before the European Championship match between the Netherlands and Germany (2: 3), reports referring to

According to the authors, the official mascot, called Skillzi, is a free football scooter.
mascot Euro 2020.

Before the qualifying game, he, along with the well-known liberals Liv Kuk and Tobias Bex, showed his technique to the audience.

“We had a fantastic opportunity to show fans of all over Europe the beauty of free and street football. In the park or in a tournament, football or free mode of the first class – this is self-expression with the help of football ", – Free world champion Liv Cook said in the presentation.

Euro 2020's strange mascot was laughing

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However, most fans were stunned by the creativity of UEFA's kind, starting to make fun of social networks on Euro 2020's bizarre image: “The worst shame ever”, “My nightmare”, “ 39; a joke, isn't it? Is it free? Is it a talisman? Who created it? "," This is not just the worst mascot. “It's disgusting,” “What kind of madness is this?”, “They didn't even try,” “Terrible,” “It's like a man on cocaine,” “I am Hopefully you didn't pay anyone for it. "Shit", "disgusting, you look into your soul and know your deepest fears," "You've just put the man in a hoodie to call it; n talisman. "

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