Thursday , July 7 2022

Engineering samples of Radeon Navi video cards were viewed on the Web / News /


Next week, within the framework of Computex 2019, the announcement of AMD Ryzen 3000 7 nm processors and Radeon video cards based on Navi architecture can take place. The high probability of this event is evidenced by the fact that a pair of unknown AMD video cards with IDs 731F: C1 and 7310: 00 have been able to light in many applications.

AMD Radeon RX Navi

Initially, the model was identified with the code designation 731F: C1 in the 3DMark database. The graphics core operated at a frequency of 1 GHz, and the video buffer had a capacity of 8 GB at a frequency of 1250 MHz. If we turn this value into effective GDDR memory frequency, then we get a frequency of 5 GHz, which is very little in today's reality.

On the other hand, GDDR6 memory is likely to be installed in the new ones, which, if there is a 256-bit bus, will provide a throughput of about 320–450 GB / s (depending on the used chips). A much more realistic indicator for mid-level video card, given a 256 GB / s bandwidth in the Radeon RX 590 adapter.

AMD Radeon RX Navi

Another version of AMD Radeon's engineering sample was seen with ID 7310: 00 in the Singularity Ash strategy database. Unfortunately, in both cases there are no technical specifications of the adapters, and most importantly, test results. We have to wait for the official presentation or more detailed leaks in the coming days.


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