Tuesday , August 9 2022

EA Anthem released the style "In the animal" with Drozdov for Russia News


Russian Electronic Arts and M.Video has released a promotional video of the Anthem game for Russian players – and this is one of the most special promotional videos. He has a style for the "In the world of animals" program – with one head pen (with silhouettes of free practitioners and immersion), a musical theme and, of course, Nikolai Drozdov.

The presenter invites players to be familiar with flora and fauna and the planet, and also invites you to learn about "miracles and dangers for those who are trying to explore & # 39 ; r local lands. "

Drozdov is commanding and measuring all the attractions of the game, including the central fort – Fort Tarsis. In a video guide format, the presenter also explains that players will use javelins, "exosuits powerful flight."

Anthem's special attention was given to the video:

We now see a small flock of Quorrik in their natural habitat. These are small omnivores, mostly living in forest zones. Quorriki is very curious and does not at all fear people.

In this spirit, Nikolai Nikolaevich describes many other species.

Anthem – a sci-fi MMO shooter in the spirit of Warframe and Destiny by Mass Effect and Dragon Age creators. The game has already been on sale on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Along with the statement, developers have released part of the first day.

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