Sunday , October 17 2021

Detailed forecast forecasts per week

Artologists commented on what we expect during the week / photos of open sources

Artologists commented on what we expect during the week / photos of open sources

With the stars pledge, read in the horoscop "Facts". Their tips will help make the right decision.

OWEN. Try not to give too much importance to small things, but focus on the most important things only. You are light on your feet, so you can plan things that need a lot of work. It can only hurt them with concerns and problems with a domestic character.

TAURUS. It's a great time for those who want to get rid of the old complications, which can stop moving on. Be prepared for the fact that some of their plans will be trampled due to unexpected circumstances.

TWINS. Emotions should not reward you. Make an effort to hide from others. It's similar, thanks to the support of business partners, that you will be able to significantly improve your financial situation.

CENTER. Your own interests will sometimes have to be defended in real trouble, so, in advance, delivering the necessary skills, including patience, tact, willingness to compromise. At weekends, do not deny anything yourself.

LION No precious time should be wasted. If you follow your instincts calmly and confidently, you will be able to realize your plans. Starting new projects that require the inclusion of similar people, stars are not recommended.

Maiden. You are expected to have much of the most varied work, so you need to choose a priority address, but to postpone something until better times. They probably need to protect their own interests.

Scales. Try to look positive in everything, and your searches will definitely be crowned successfully. Some of the values ​​of the values ​​may change significantly during the coming period. Fortunately, all of this can have a positive impact on your future destiny.

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SCORIO. Hidden problems may become apparent, which means that you need to start solving them without wasting time on other issues. Generally, to you, everything goes pretty well, there will be energy and desire to work. A pleasant meeting has not been banned.

Sagittarius. Finally, there is a favorable period for you in your career, but you should not forget for a minute that the competitors do not sleep. It is important to assess their strengths and abilities wisely, directing them to the correct address.

CAPRICORN Liabilities may be broken off on behalf of partners – this should not be an unpleasant surprise for you. There are some difficult moments in the relationship with managers. It is currently reviewing some of their values.

AWARIUS. We will have to solve a variety of issues and make responsible decisions in different areas. But thanks to this you will be able to strengthen your authority. Most likely, you will need to show perseverance and determination.

FISH. Before you make a final decision, you need to consider possible accidents. It is important for you now to see the essence, and not to be abolished by the beautiful appearance of someone or something. Prepare for different unexpected.

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