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Default in Ukraine – Fitch confirmed the situation of the country at B-


Posted March 03 March 2017

Fitch confirmed Ukraine's position in the default scale at B-

Economy of Ukraine. Photo:

International international agency confirmed in the long term default grade Ukraine at level B-. This is reported on the Fitch Ratings website.

It is noted that the score reflects poor weak liquidity, high requirements for external funding, weak banking sector, organizational constraints and political risks.

According to analysts, exchange rate flexibility, a new program of the International Monetary Fund and moderate external imbalance mitigate short-term pressure on international reserves.

It is said that timely observation of the collaborative program is of key importance.

In addition, Fitch stated that any winner of the presidential race will be limited in the ability to change economic policies or to give up the stand-up program.

At the same time, the taxation agency said that short-term political calculations, inability to find a government compromise and a lack of political unity threatened the current and new program in 2020.

As reported by NEWSONE earlier, Ukraine must pay the International Monetary Fund about 160 million dollars.

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