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Dancing with Stars 2018 – Lesya Nikityuk spoke at the end of the show


Lesya Nikityuk revealed her secret

Lesya Nikityuk (picture: service to press)

"During these four months, I realized that dance was a life," Lesia admitted

Every time I dance, like the last one – and get to the final! He is involved in the couple of Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Yezhov. After the broadcast, Lesya showed the secretary of her money (second) on the show "Dancing with the Stars", at the "New Channel" press service.

The audience retires because the "Baginalalinatu" is in the final!

Lesya Nikityuk on the show "Dancing with the Stars 2018" (photo: service to the press)

The final of "Dancing with Stars" was fourteen for me! All of our parquet outlet was very difficult for us. We always thought it would be final! So! Each broadcast was dancing as the last. And if it was not for the support of viewers, and it happened. People, what you have to do is incredible! Now I can say confidently that we have won the most important prize – "Audience Award" http://www.rbc.ua/ ", – Lesia does not hide.

A TV presenter loves honesty and is always open with critics and viewers. So, the Ukrainian people have always inspired the parquet actions, whose love and support saves Lesia more than once from the departure.

Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov on the show "Dancing with the Stars 2018" (photo: press service)

The show "Dancing with Stars" and the help of viewers is inherent – this helps me to improve myself and even more believe in my abilities.

As a child, when I told my mother that I wanted to sing, my mother asked me to sing, I sing, and she came to the pool immediately. A little later, I asked my mother to dance to me – my mother continued to take me to the pool. When I came to the "Dancing with the Stars" project, "my mother may have been afraid of not taking her away to the dances, – the presenter" Novy Channel "laughed," But at 14 week, I took a course of "fighting" dance. I dance to everyone who has forgotten their own faith and abilities, and those who do not believe it can do something without money and contacts, for those who are searching for the reason why Please, at least once, say yourself – Yes! You have to go to your dreams, no matter what. "

"During these four months I realized that dance is a life! Every element of the number is a specific step:" it worked out, it did not work out "," joy is grieving. "Regardless of the case, the most important thing is that every stage of dance, like the dance itself, has ended with a fixed certification," said the "New Channel" presenter. "" & # The winners change every year, and BaginiaLaminate is alone! "

As mentioned earlier, Lesya Nikityuk honestly admitted that his performance was the last. And just thanks to the support of the fans, Nikityuk was able to reach the final, up to the 14th edition of the popular show.

We also wrote that the Super Final of the Dancing with Stars of 2018 had died on the 25th of November. Lesia Nikityuk, Irakli Makatsaria, Igor Lastochkin – fought for the winner's cup, immediately presenting three dances to the audience. And yet the cup went to one pair. Winners of the new dance season were the Ukrainian humorist Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva.

Recall, recently, the popular Ukrainian TV presenter, Lesya Nikityuk, photographed fans enthusiastically.

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