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Croatia vs Spain – watch UEFA League of Nations match games online 15/11/2018 online


Today at 9:45 p.m. Kyiv's time in Zagreb, at the Maksimir stadium, began a central game day in the UEFA Nations League – between the Croatian national team and the Spanish national team. In September Spain scored six goals Champion of the World in 2018 and defeated him in Elche – 6: 0. Currently, Spain has six points after three games and leads in the A4 group, and Croatia with one point in two game takes the last place.

Given a smaller number of games, the Croaton has a theory opportunity to win even a group. To do this, you need to beat Spain today, and on November 18 in London – England (four points in three games). Accordingly, Luis Enrique wards also need to win, because it can be abolished: England, if it defeats Croatia on November 18, will be higher in face to face meetings.


69 minutes GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL !!! Eat after the corner and canopy Modriča shoot the gate with a stop on the stall far from.

68 minutes Croatia's first replacement: Vlašić instead of Rakitic.

66 minutes. Vida made a mistake in the penalty area, Asencio almost met the target, but corrected himself.

65 minutes And again, the Spanish dropped to the Kalinich gate. But Isco himself did not break, and did not let two partners do it right away.

64 minutes Second Second Spain: Morata instead of Aspas.

62 minutes Ufff. Aspas almost scored, but, ending, he sent the ball from the toes from a few meters to the cross and higher.

62 minutes The first place in the game. Asserted rather than Rodrigo from Spain.

61 minutes Here is Croatia! Rakitic gave him a lovely solo with a powerful blast – he did not miss. And before that Rebic swept along the gate, but the defender did not leave Perisic to the ball.

59 minutes Uhhhh. The Vrsalco Rebić canopy almost arrived. Before that, Perisic failed to break by both competitors on the penalty corner.

56 minutes GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL !!!! Successfully responded to the construction of the Spanish. And in the corporate style – mnogohodovka. Ceballos started the assault, and then, after passing Isco, finished with a single touch strike. 1: 1. Gee.

54 minutes GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL !!! Nevertheless, the Croats were forced to make a mistake by the transferee of Spain's defenders: Perisic was arresting Sergi Roberto with a stop, and Kramarich already hit the ball in the penalty area and, after going to Gea, shoot it to the corner next. 1: 0!

52 minutes Modric attacked the dirty to release the Spanish under pressure, but the referee Belarusian Kulbakov did not let the Croats turn around. It's fair.

49 minutes Spain transferred the game quickly to a convenient course. Once again, the Croats defend themselves clearly, once again without seconds. But Kalinich must jump out in interventions.

47 minutes Croatia started again – it meets properly before someone else's punishment. But Spanishmen manage the ball very skilfully.

46 minutes The second half began.

BREAK The game started the game very quickly, creating two chances of scoring by the end of the quarter's hour of the game, but then Spain gradually sparked on the objector's activity due to the clear control of the ball. But the Spanish team scored the first shots only during the last minute of the session.


45 minutes But this is very dangerous! Isko, after a mistake by Modrica, has hit a semicircle before the penalty – Kalinic turned the ball over to the corner.

43 minutes Croats a minute and a half did not touch the ball at all. But the most serious thing the Spanishmen did was to bring Saul from a long distance. It seems that Spain's first strike in the game. Above the gate.

41 minutes Yet Spain has disappeared and the owners. But walks on the edge of the river. A mistake – and guarantee anti-drafting.

38 minutes An interesting assault from Spain – the heading under pressure ended with the right hand transfer of the right to the left, which served in the center of Scotland – to the hands of Kalinich.

37 minutes Something of assault by the Spanish. The ball flies through the croft of a penalty, rarely going out at a decent distance.

36 minutes A very promising rope on Rodrigo was just ending angular.

32 minutes A 13-pin perishable meter hitting the gate above.

31 minutes Kalinic had to join the battle for the ball. But Aspas broke the rules.

29 minutes Ceballos fell into the penalty box against Croatia – in the fight against Brozovic. Also dirty.

28 minutes Rebic caught the ball, ran into Gea gate, but failed to break, and the path was wrong.

26 minutes After the Croat activity started, the game moved again to the Criminal penalty area, but this gives the Balkans space behind the back of the defenders for their counter-attack.

23 minutes The attackers are transported away by the attack and almost lost anti-traffic. Lovren was saved by giving Saul the best to half the field empty on a Spanish course onwards.

22 minutes The Croats pushed the game into the center field. And even try to deal with the Spouses in their own penalty.

20 minutes The Spanish are a few minutes trying to find a gap protecting the opponent, but not to take advantage of it.

17 minutes And yet Perisic on the edge! He tried to break through, entering the penalty area, but defended. The back of Modrica is the same.

16 minutes Spain continues to blink its line and attack site. Croatia has to defend tightly and instantly exploding.

14 minutes Wow, second! Croatia quickly attacked the assault, Rebic Perisic gave him either a beat or a sweeping sweep in Kramarić, but the ball was flying between the remote post and Kramarić.

11 minutes Rebic tried to go to the Spanish at the speed with the ball, but Martinez did not give it.

10 minutes Aspas broke into the Criminal penalty area, and fell into Lovren's shoulder. And then hit Kalinich. No penalty, injury in Aspas – yes. But he will play like.

6 minutes And here is the first instant. An offensive, on the left, ran into the free zone, moved to the center and knocked – straight, to the corner near, but Gea managed to bend and catch the ball

4 minutes Spain is trying to set their football, with the control of the ball. But everything disappears in the approaches to the Croft punished.

3 minutes Croats look very good. In particular a sudden assault using a minimum of dealers.

2 minutes Spain took control of the ball straight away, but Croatia took away after 50 seconds and organized a good fracture. True, without the final blow.

1 minute The game has started!

Prior to the game, President HNS Davor Šuker gave memorable signs to the old teammates of the Croatian team – Mario Mandžukić, Daniel Subašić and Vedran ранorluk – T-shirts with the number of games played for the national team.


Meanwhile, start lines and lists of replacement players were found.

Croatia: L. Kalinich – Vrsalko, Lovren, Vida, Edvay – Rakitic, Brozovic – Rebić, Modrig, Perisig – Kramarić.

Stock: Livakovich, Letitsa, Milic, Mitrovich, Kovacic, Vlašić, Bradaric, Pašalic, Horn, Badel, Pjaca, Brekalo.


Spain: de Gea – Sergi Roberto, Ramos, Iñigo Martínez, Alba – Saul, Busquets, Ceballos – Rodrigo, Aspas, Isco.

Stock: Arrisabalaga, Pau Lopez, Llorente, Gaia, Morata, Asensio, Suso, Hermoso, Aspilicueta, Rodri, Honey, Fornals.

A Croatian national team will play in very spectacular black and blue uniforms.

Makers of world sub-champions, by the way, do not believe: the coefficient on the victory of Croatia – 3.9, and the Spanish victory – 1.95.

But do not forget that Croatia in June 2016 in the European Championship is stronger than Spain – 2: 1. In the important games, Modric (I came to the press conference yesterday with the trainer Dalić) come together.

Supporters of supporters will be traditionally core.

Schedule League of Nations matches on November 15on the road, rich. Total – nine fights in four sections. Eight of them will start at the same time – 21:45.

But one of today's gems at risk.

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