Tuesday , May 17 2022

compile a list of games compatible with the new processor


The new Apple M1 processor in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro has been shown to deliver impressive performance over past generations of Apple devices in the latest benchmarks and reviews. Not surprisingly, the first buyers experienced the new “poppies” in games right away.

The Apple M1 processor was faster than Intel Core i9 even in tests conducted through an x86 emulator

Apple laptops are not specifically designed for gaming, but they provide decent gaming performance and can be used on the go or anywhere in your home. Developer and designer Thomas Schranz has compiled a useful chart of games compatible with the M1-based MacBook Air and Pro. It includes comments with details, resolution, frame rate, settings, external monitor support, and information about what the project was launched on (directly or via the x86 Rosetta simulator).

The table is constantly updated. Currently, it has about a hundred games marked.

For more details on what the new Apple processor is, read our previous post.

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