Thursday , September 16 2021

Biathlon, World Cup 2020-2021: Pursuit (Men), Relay (Women) Live Stream 05 December 2020

Mikhail Chesalin

Russian fans are still looking forward to the first medal at this World Cup. I really don’t want this season to bring a new counter record. In recent years, the added psychological burden of expecting the first success in the Russian national team is not always shifted quickly.

The new season could be the worst in the history of our biathlon. When will the first medal be?

Over the past 10 years, the Russian national team started such a bad season only once. In 2017, it all came out of the Olympics.

Mikhail Chesalin

First of all, we recall the schedule for Dec. 5 at the Biathlon World Cup. At 15:20, the men begin the persecution race. And at 17:15 the girls relay takes place.

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