Thursday , May 19 2022

Beta artiffact machine has to be released Artifact


Valve has released a piece for the Artifact beta version, updating the location files and correction of errors. Release of the game will take place on November 28th.

Patch from November 27:

  • Set up a bug because it was possible to see all the enemy's right at the beginning of the game in the competing mode or the usual selection of games. As planned by the developers, the full enemy deck should be available during tournament games. This is done so that players do not try to trigger each other. The enemy's full dust can also be seen in the enclosed lobby. In other ways, when looking at an opponent's dec, you will see cards known to you: those who have already played the opponent, or those who go to # 39; right with the characters.
  • Buttons have been added to the control settings to display deks.
  • A section for seeing comics has to add to the game client.
  • Location files have been updated.

Artifact is a collection card game in the Dota universe 2. The Artifact valve showed the first time 2017 International. The PC release will take place on November 28, and on mobile platforms the game will be released in 2019.

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