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Bachelor 9 – former participant Julia said the truth about the TV show


Bachelor 9: a former participant said the true truth about the main character of the show

Picture: (RBC-Ukraine collage)

Julia shared her impressions of the bachelor

Julia – a participant in the 2019 Bachelor project said what she thinks of Nikita Dobrynin and with what thoughts left the TV show. About this girl was told in an interview with Faktam.

Above all, the protagonist was annoyed by the intimacy, insecurity and madness of the women, who told Yulia during the separation. Obviously, the 24-year-old artist from the Dnieper did not agree with his words, but could not change anything. By the way, the first impression is a bachelor girl bent desired.

"I immediately noticed that Nikita was smiling. But appearances can be deceptive, you should always look closer. Sometimes carisma and completeness decide. In fact, I think a man was painted with deeds. and attitudes towards a woman, and this is not right and easy, "she said.

He also spoke about the gift he gave to the main character at the beginning of their acknowledgment – a picture of her own dress. According to the girl, a completely different surprise was originally planned. She wanted to present a picture and a towel to Dobrynin, but this idea seemed inappropriate to her.

In terms of the girl's ambiguous image, she said: “I behave calmly with sex. This is part of our life and an integral part of the relationship. So, for me, there was no annoyance. ”

The most difficult for the girl was the farewell day and the first party. She says she is very concerned, and so bold to the rest of the participants, turning the "best attack" mode.

“It was about Nikita and the girls. Although, as I understand it now, it was stupid. If I had to go through the first party again, I'd have relaxed and been kayfonul from the process. But it's hard to stand the shoot that lasts more than a day. , although the shoes were comfortable and managed to take a nap for twenty minutes on those chairs where the Bachelor spoke to the girls privately, "Yulia pointed out. t

Recall that there are interesting details about the life of the protagonist from the front. Reshetnyak noted that, for nine terms of the project, Bachelor, Nikita Dobrynin, was the first hero to be married from the front. Moreover, the show shows that this will not stop the Bach at all, as his attitude towards women is more responsible.

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