Saturday , January 22 2022

Apple blocks install Linux on all new Mac computers / News /


The T2 coprocessor, which Apple gives iMac Pro, as well as all new MacMedia, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models at hardware level prevents Linux installation and other operating systems other than MacOS and Windows 10.

Therefore, according to the maker, it is possible to ensure that user data is most effectively protected from the memory of computers not at risk of leakage or reading unauthorized by a third party.

The T2 chips secure secure Mac boats by looking at every startup with encrypted keys to sign by Apple. This eliminates the possibility of sharing illegal software on the device, which Linux classes have been considered for some time.

A Windows box even on computers with T2 will be prevented from being deactivated until the user operates the Vacant Camp Help utility.

"This deed will install a Windows 2011 2011 Certificate, which is used to authenticate Windows startups, but will not install the certificate UEFI, which was used to sign Linix classes, explained in Phoronix specialists. "This means that Apple decides to add this certificate, or the T2 chips will not be hacked, Linux launching on the latest Apple hardware will still be impossible."

It is worth noting that correcting the situation and allowing Linux to be installed on new Macs does not even allow full disabling of the Boot Secure utilities.

T2 chips continue to block other operating systems, other than MacOS and Windows 10, which are curious, because the description of Safe Safety security settings clearly indicates the its disorder will result in the release of relief relief without any restrictions.

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