Thursday , August 18 2022

Alexander Shlemenko knocked out Viskardi Andrade in the 3rd round (video)


A few minutes ago the RCC show 6 ended in Chelyabinsk Alexander Shlemenko meet Viscardi andrade. In the first records of the battle, Alexander suffered a heavy blow, as he was on the floor for a short time. Andrade tried to develop his success with a long attack in the net, but Alexander survived and soon recovered.

After that it became clear that Andrade had spent all his strength, and the battle was already under the control of Shlemenko. In the second round, Shlemenko managed the battle completely, while Andrade was mainly defending himself. In the third round, the battle became even more unilateral. Shlemenko sent several opponents to a contest, and after the next break the referee stopped the battle.

With the results left, we note victory Artem Frolova over By Jonas Billstein by knockout in the second round. Nikolai Aleksakhin win Jonavina Webb judicial decision.


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