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Afterword: Eintracht – Miner. Analysis of cold-ended errors ᐉ UA-Football


Again there is a reason for us to remember the "football soccer" unlucky, or, more specifically, the problem of preparing the teams for the second part of the season. Even in Germany, where climatic conditions are very similar to Ukrainian people, the championship resumes earlier, but in the winter, Unbelievably difficult for Ukrainian clubs to find a wonderful partner of "Integrity" level. Even Shakhtar, with abilities, maintains control in line with middle-aged Europe football, with all moods impossible to prepare full for the playoffs. You do not need to talk about the resumption of the UPL at the end of January or early February. At least in the coming years. Our areas will not be possible, except three or four arena for the whole country, which, of course, is very small.

We're returning to the well-known – "little ones, a little bit," and move on – "What to do and who is to blame?" Desperation? Not at all. However, during the spring of the season, the experience of passing Ukrainian clubs in the next round, also won Dynamo and Shakhtar Eurotrophies, and Dnipro had developed into the Europa League final, even a long time back.

What do we have in the Paulo Fonseca team match with Eintracht? The Pitmen looked a little better than in the first conflicts, but still made simple, primitive mistakes that they were (and could not be) in the fall.

The initial assault of the home team was similar to a premium class racing car, which began to roll immediately (the fans who were killed with roaming) and rushed forward. It was incredibly difficult for the guests, however, everything and Shakhtar were expected to keep the blasts first assault of "white-white". In addition, the Pitmen was comfortable and started a 10-minute scratch. The Fonseca team was looking more and more a bit, it seemed, even took advantage of the initiative … But the very fast combination of the right goes past, shooting to & # 39 ; r penalty area and hit. Jovic was alone and without protection, in a great shock situation. Later, Adolf Hütter will call this second in the game.

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The second goal was the result of a mistake guardian in his own penalty, Matvienko took the ball. A clear penalty and a score 2: 0. The situation is close to a catastrophic, even with the support of crazy fans. Delete the errors? Shakhtar played their own football, but Eintracht showed an incredible will to win, a desire not only to fight, but also to welcome the fans, the German "machine" greatly aligned our team, sometimes & # 39; n strict, cruel, sometimes flawed, and the need to blast moment. Both these explosions became productive, as the forces did not have other dangerous seconds in the first half. Simply, Donechans did not have time for his peers, after losing a gathering to share a second, somewhere that was not enough luck, somewhere "physics", just a bit, but still.

What liked the Donetsk team, is that the team was not breaking off, for mid February the Fonseca wards stay in a pretty good condition (although this is not enough). If it was not for the stupid mistakes on the 23rd and 27 minutes, one could say that the guests were playing the game. Only at the beginning of the second half, the Eagles held a number of dangerous attacks, which were also expected.

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What could the Shakhtar come? The sharp cut tickets of Orange-a-Black came into a grid tool, the objector did not always have time to read Tyson, Marlos or Moraes smart programs. The latter often had to re-retreat and act as not assaults, but "dozens" and raspasovschika. Perhaps this is the case that the Pitmen did not have enough, although it was likely that Fonseca had instructed Moraes to lead the defender, to move into the depth, and force someone from & # 39; r midfield to join the free zone. He rarely worked.

But "Intentness" was tied in the final third of the game. In the 60th to 70 minute period, Shakhtar was brilliant, literally squeezed in the army in their penalty area and created two seconds of miracle. If Marlos and Tyson's blast had not taken the bar, everything would have gone completely in a different situation. But then Khocholava, a rebel, provided a free zone Allah, between him, although the attacker needs to be met. Alla ordered the ball cool, knocking Pyatov one-on-one – 3: 1. The fourth ball to disconnect makes sense, everything became clear in the minute 80 minutes. Then the fantasy started.

What do we have? Sometimes Shakhtar liked the game very much. There were brand developments, sweeping speeds, no-one was dropped (apart from the first and third balls lost). But only in modern football, it's important not to allow banal mistakes, as your opponent waits for. "Intentence" was a little wise, showing the ability to endure and wait. And use your least advantage. And we can only hope that this failure will make Shakhtar stronger.

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