Saturday , May 28 2022

Actress Sharon Stone showed a figure in a tight bodysuit (photo)


Famous American actress and model Sharon Stone showed what she can do at age 62

According to, she boasted a new professional photo on her Instagram page. Despite her age, Sharon Stone remains a popular model and regularly participates in filming. She recently appeared in front of the camera in a tight black bodysuit, and was wearing a multi-colored blouse. The image was complemented by bright yellow shoes.

Sharon Stone standing in a richly furnished room with her hair gathered at the back. She sat down on the arm of the couch, her legs spread wide, and put her hand behind her head. In this situation, you can see in detail the slender legs of the celebrity and her prominent breasts.

“My wonderful friend and stylist @paris_libby sent this to me today. I am not only amazed but also grateful that I am still a model at 62, La Dolce Vita, thank you to all who hired me this year”, – she thanked it’s in the description for the picture.

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Social network users were amazed at how Sharon Stone manages to look so beautiful at such an early age:

“Absolute beauty”; “Observed with you”; “You’re so hot”; “You are not only a beautiful woman, but also an amazing soul!”; “Stone cold fox”; “Age and only number, these 30-year-old girls don’t get to your feet, princess”; “Gorgeous at any age”; “Still hot at 62, Sharon”; “Still the queen of ‘sexuality’. ????❤️ Come on, girl ..!”; “The basic Instinct”; “You’re a legend, Sharon”; “Goddess”; “You’re amazing Sharon! You’ll model up to 100 !!!”.

I would remind, Sharon Stone showed an aging and excited face at home: “Don’t provoke”

As reported by Politeka, Sharon Stone froze in an indecent gesture and proved she has no equal: “Woman of the time”

Politeka also wrote that Sharon Stone in a short shirt threw her legs over her legs, a spectacular shot: “Damn hot.”

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