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Accidents in Kharkov – Fighting two drams with passengers at crossroads


Posted on February 22, 2019

Trails in Kharkov. Photo:

There was a traffic accident involving two dramas in the cross of Labor Heroes and the Tractor Builders in Kharkov. The corresponding video was published on Facebook on the "XC-Kharkov" community page.

Without criticizing from the security cameras recording, one of the drivers, not approaching the bus stop, was on the crossroads of the streets for turning to another tram, hurrying the stop bus.

"Epic crash of two dramas at the crossroads of the Labor / Tractor Heroes builders. You saw, but it's …", – says in the heading to the video.

At present there is no information about the victims.

"Who went to red, and who started yellow! To Kharkiv, here is the norm, wings!" was "," It's good that there's nothing like this in Kharkov subway! ", – so social network users responded to the event.

As reported by NEWSONE earlier, Two-way collisions occurred in the French city Issy-les-Moulineaux, and later one came off the rails. As a result of the collision 12 people were injured.

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