Thursday , May 26 2022

A powerful hurricane brings an orange level of danger to Kiev


On Monday, March 11, the weather in Kiev will decline. Moreover, so much is not a matter of reducing the temperature or rain. So strong wind is expected in the capital, in connection with it, the predictors announced an orange level of danger.

This means that the wind speed will reach 30 meters per second the next day. The Notifier reports this referring to the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.


  • close close to all windows of houses, eliminate objects that may be outside balconies and loggias;
  • if you are outside, stay away from board boards, power lines, trees;
  • in the case of a strong wind, shadowing in the nearest or natural shelter;
  • Avoid staying near large trees, especially poplars, and you do not park nearby vehicles.

With strong wind often they do not stand tree branches. In the morning you may be surprised to find one of them fallen on your car. In this case, you can count on help from the state, solicitors can say more about it.


The main behavior management in such situations: do not touch anything. First of all, you need to understand if you can expect help from the state.

  • If the event was a storm warning – alas, you will be blameless and the state will not help you. But if there was no warning, you are welcome to call the police. They will have to produce a protocol and inspection report. The protocol should have the following:
    – description of damage;
    – the number of hidden damage is indicated;
    – provided photo and video confirmation.
  • You will then need to assess the damage in an independent examination.
  • Then you should take the hydrometeorological center that there was no storm at the date of the event.
  • Next you need to understand if you know the organization that is responsible. If so, find out if the organization is willing to pay their expenses. Are You Ready? Then there's no problem. Not ready? Sue. If you are aware of the responsible organization that you do not know, you need to send a complaint to the administration of the area, asking for the person who is punished to be found.

The Emergency Control Department recommends that when trees or branches fall, when injured, immediately inform emergency services by calling "101" or "103". If you have seen an emergency or accident, a dangerous object, a flowless body, a fire or burn is detected, report it on 101, 102 and 103, and write in our Telegram conversation. You can join her HERE.

Nikita Malyugin

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