Sunday , August 7 2022

A new "space" concept of solar panels for the home was introduced


By turning through different cities and regions, one can often find many cases where tenants use the installation of another solar panels in order to capture the energy of the sun for the conversion of electricity. Despite a convenient and convenient conversion format, it can not be called efficiently, as the average solar energy rate with subsequent conversion of such statistical panels varies from 17% to 19% , which is pretty small. However, experts from the Insolight energy company introduced their new concept of residential type solar panels, which offer a very significant increase in energy efficiency.

Specifically, their new concept of solar panels offers the efficiency of receiving and converting solar energy to a 29% rate. There is some such great difference in terms of energy efficiency arising from technical processing inside such a solar panel, where the main emphasis is being moved to the use of a compact stream of photovoltaic cells – in the way these cells are used in modern china to transfer large amounts of light and information.

However, due to the high cost of this approach, the experts also anticipated one aspect, which made it possible to reduce some cost of this method – they used a special protective glass, with a severe lens with inflation from 100x, which in turn allowed a little save on the original material. This technical moment allows a horizontal movement of the photovoltaic cells, the fence and the conversion of the sun's energy faster and in much more serious thermal energy quantities .

It is worth noting that this concept of residential solar panels is mainly offered for use in residential and complex buildings, without affecting any particular industrial segments or segments. However, given that the concept already accepts the necessary adjustments and updates, it becomes clear that it will be transformed into something much more interesting very soon.

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