Friday , May 27 2022

A new "Alf" series will not be due to a lack of demand


Either American TV starts to tire the wave of remakes of the current TV series, or the failure of the new "Charmed" producers, Warner Bros. that all serial can not be regenerated. Pictures have stopped filming restarting the famous "Alf" TV series for an unknown period.

According to the available source of information, Warner Bros. studio indefinitely running the work on creating the sequence of the series that was identified in the 1980sAlf".

Warner Bros. Studios It will not remove the reboot of the famous sitcom for the alien Alpha. Ausiello then said the studio was looking for a scriptwriter and producer for the project.

The clash series "Alf"He went out from 1986 to 1990. He was only developed for 4 seasons, but during this time he succeeded in calling for a culture.

The plot talks about the family, protecting in his house is a lovely new Alpha friend, who looks like the bull. His hero was Alf, or Gordon Shamway (ALF – Alien Life Form) – an alien of the Melmak planet, who settled in the Tanner family in Los Angeles.

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