Wednesday , January 27 2021

A militant who disappeared on January 23 was captured by militants.

Ukrainian analysts of the 79th Outdoor Brigade, who disappeared on January 23, were captured by militants. Such a statement was made by representatives of the 79th Outdoor Brigade on their social network page.

According to them, the militants announced a video that their colleague was based disappeared Nikolai Grinenko, and nothing had been known since he disappeared from a fighting situation on January 23 this year.

"We recognize a soldier's belongings in the video. Nikolai Grinenko is a military unit soldier," said the brigade.

In addition, the military said that everything Grinenko had said that the occupants' camera "had been prepared, made and directed by a Kremlin propaganda video in the" Donetsk Cellars ".

"It is known that there is a huge psychological pressure placed on the soldier. All the measures are used at all levels to bring a soldier's home," he said.

Screen: Facebook / 79 Mykolaiv air brigade

Prior to that, it was reported that the Ukrainian soldier was injured in the Donbass as a result of six collective military crew jobs consolidated by the combined armed forces.

Also on February 1, it became known that the President of Ukraine approve the dates for the recruitment and dismissal of military personnel in 2019.

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