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A great trip with an iPhone XR


When it was September's presentation, Apple showed the world its new smartphones, the XR model is the biggest public interest. It went for sale a month after the presentation. We have already shared the first impression of it, but it's time for us to talk about the real experience of use, including on a long trip.

So it happened that I was having a smart phone just before the trip to Sri Lanka. I knew that there would be many things on the way that would allow a smartphone to experience itself from the good or bad side.

First of all, I had three basic requirements for the iPhone XR like this:

  • good autonomy
  • camera da
  • a decent level of protection against water and mechanical stress

The requirements do not look exceptional for a smart smartphone, and a good device simply needs to be met.


The first thing I happened to check is independence. In total, my journey from the outlet to the shop was around 17 hours. It can be said that this is a light day using the device. I had an external battery with me at all times, but it never came to it, as the smartphone was only 15 per cent during this time.

Based on the ideas of the flight and how I used the smartphone to go ahead in everyday life, I can say that the iPhone XR in real life works even longer than the iPhone X and iPhone XS, but definitely losing the iPhone XS Max.

In addition, it seems to me that it warms a little less than recent Apple's new news. Sometimes third-party applications I used to work with a video warming up the iPhone X so much that it hurts even touching it. The XR iPhone was also heated, but despite the hot weather it was not strong.


The quality of the video, regardless of the application turns great. As promised by Apple, smartphone can not only shoot video, but do better than iPhone X, thanks to the HDR feature for video. If you shoot out completely dark objects against bright air, a new camera will not even cope, but it's still working better when the iPhone X, without talk about the earlier models, start taking jobs.

Pictures that make the new iPhone XR also have respect orders and look very good. The disadvantage of the camera will be the absence of a second module that allows you to take photos with double zoom. Sometimes this possibility is simple that it can not be reset.

When shooting is unclear in the background, the absence of a second module also affects, but not very much. The portraits are unclear due to the programmatic definition of the surface in the frame, and simple objects due to the lens focus features. Finding a face is very good, but it's still without mistakes.

There's no 3D Touch and it was very unusual for me. No matter what anyone says, and this is very convenient. I will use this function whenever possible. Includes, to run the camera. Formally, a long press instead of launching the iPhone XR camera is a long press, but it's not so convenient for me. In short, I still pressed the screen a bit harder during the long touch.

Light and protect the cause

In the presentation, they talked about the fact that new iPhones had become stronger. The most durable is the iPhone XS and XS Max, but even the XR is still stronger than last dozens.

There are still no scratches on my iPhone XR without covers and movies, but on the iPhone X there are still several scratches. It can be said that the scratches are invisible simply on the iPhone case of the iPhone XR, but they are not on the screen either, so this is an indirect evidence of the new scratch resistance.

To experience the defense against water with this smartphone, I swim completely in the pool and even at sea. I will not say that the latter has given me great pleasure, since the body is very slippery underwater. The expensive smartphone leakage to the bottom of the pool is one thing, and to the bottom of the sea, even at a bundle depth is quite different.

The display, of course, does not work underwater as it should, but these are inevitably small. In any case, despite the fact that modern photography phones can underwater photography, it is better to give this camera an idea to specialized cameras, such as GoPro. Even in the top version, it will be much cheaper than the iPhone XR, but at the same time more convenient.

What else?

Also, for myself, I pointed out that the smart screen is a smart phone, which is very useful when it is used under the bright glowing sun. There were no complaints, the smartphone was very comfortable to use. But the absence of two simokes to the defects can be attributed. When there was no such possibility, in principle, it was one thing, it is now in some models and without it, you're feeling uncomfortable when you need to install a local sim card and "home" one at the same time.

In the case of the iPhone XR, I have never faced audio interference in the headphones. I used to have problems with this, and sometimes audio interference was given through the wireless headphones. This was especially true for compact plugs. With the iPhone XR this was not seen. Trifle, but nice.

Overall, the iPhone XR is just as good as any new iPhone. Call that budget language does not turn. Everything works very quickly and smoothly, and notice the fact that the screen is not OLED only in the dark. In other conditions, it perfectly conveys the image and provides a decent color reproduction.

If you'd like to buy a smartphone or pay more, but first get an iPhone XS, ask yourself if you need an OLED, 3D Touch and second camera module display. Otherwise, the differences between them are not so significant and, like any modern smartphone from Apple, the iPhone XR represents their generation very well.

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