Sunday , February 28 2021

& # 39; & # 39; This is very profitable. Mikhalkov said on homosexuality allegations

Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov said the gay rumors.

He said about this in an interview with journalist Yuri Dudiu, also answering how he treats homosexuals (to watch the video, go to the end of the page).

"Listen, this is very profitable, because I'm not gay. The benefit is everything. When you're reminded that I have a novel here, there's a novel here." Well, what are you, I'll be gay. "" What's her novel, what are you, gay "It's great, very convenient. I'm not resistant. I will not give anyone even before," he said. .

Mikhalkov also said that he had never experienced sexual attraction in men. In addition, the director said on the evidence that he was considered homophobic against the background of his statements.

"I do not like them. For me, it's unnatural. And why should I love them?" – Dudyu noted, transferring his conversation to him and his children.

When asked how Mikhalkov would respond if his grandson came and said he was gay, the director replied that he would not do anything.

"I will not respond. And what, it is imperative to repeat. I can be a mistake. And everything else, if a person lives and is fit for him, though God's sake. And if he tries to embed himself from his own scope, I am against him, "added Mikhalkov.

As the OBOZREVATEL has reported, the director also spoke in an interview with Douda for his close relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as how different the leader Russia.

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