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3 series of movie about theft in defense. Video


The final part of the sensible investigation of fraud was published in the Ukrainian defense industry. It was hosted by program journalists "Our money with Denis Bigus".

It is about the enforcement of the law enforcement to corruption facts – NABU, the SBU and the office of prosecutor. As they came to an end, they had been aware of all the plans for a long time, but they closed all the cases on them. And not free.

This follows correspondence of the main defendants of the film – Vitaly Zhukov and Andrei Rogozy. Interestingly, at this time there is no Gladkovsky Jr. for them – it's probably his unique task to solve problems with his dad, not with law enforcement officers.

"Country" collected stories from all over the movie. But we start with the last.

Final trio

"All law enforcement agencies for years knew about this schema of", – said at the start of the Denis Bigus program.

Over the years of the Gladkovsky scheme, starting from 2016, all of the special services were part of it. "But all the investigations were not free," said journalists.

In the new batch of correspondence between the people involved in scandal, the amounts and bribes that are "put" to the SBU, office & # 39; the military prosecutor and the tax for closing cases by the disgusting Optimumspetsdetal company.

It appears in the movie and the NABU, but the office has a special role.

Vitaly Zhukov (associate with protective plants and son of the Deputy Chairman of the NSDC Oleg Gladkovsky) and Andrei Rogoza (smuggling supplies organizer) are discussed among themselves. And too – a number of enforcement officers and the law.

One of the people who are involved in the correspondence is the Investigator of the Kiev Security Service, Dmitry Moskalenko. Rogoza is in touch with him. He complains that he has become expensive to close cases at the office and prosecutor.

In one of the conversations, they discuss the amount of the bribe. Moskalenko is not satisfied that Rogoza's driver has brought him.

Without criticism of this correspondence, Moskalenko took Rogoza not only with money, but also with cars. Zhukov mentioned this when Rogo refused money.

Instead, he suggested that his partner raised a BMW from Dima, who gave him Rogoza.

But Zhukov and Rogoza discuss where they still bring money. It follows from the fact that SBU-shniki not only accepts their share. But the tax, and office and military prosecutor, designated as "VP".

But the most interesting thing is the specific help of Optimumspetsdetali from NABU. The agency, signed by the first deputy Guizo Uglava in 2017, has crossed the shameful company of the counterfeit list. What returned its contracts with protective plants.

But first, one of the circuit makers Vitaly Zhukov was completely surprised by the fact that their "gold" company had included in such a list.

But Rogoza has already reported to Zhukov that the matter has been resolved – "Optima" will be removed from the list of suspicious ones.

Document journalists announced confirming that the disgusting company is no longer on the "blacklist" NABU.

But it did not happen free of charge, judging according to the following screen. "Zhenya" appears here – but in fact, agent NABU Yevgeny Shevchenko, who was in an interview with journalists acknowledged he had worked with Zhukov and Rogoza.

Earlier earlier, Rogoza decided the same issue as detective NABU Dmitry Litvinenko.

The first and second part

On February 25, journalists unveiled the first series of large-scale investigation of Poroshenko's secret entranching correspondence. Millions of hryvnia were in the defense sector, smuggling from Russia and money laundering, especially the son of one of the most influential officers and friend of president Oleg Gladkovsky – Igor.

Gladkovsky Jr., who at the time was 22 years old, along with his partners, organized in 2015 distributing Russian parts smuggling for military equipment, said the investigation. State protection initiatives have overpaid for goods 2-4 times, bought by companies that set up.

As well as Igor Gladkovsky, his friend Vitaly Zhukov, who is "writing" documents, gives kickbacks, "is about business on procuring the government. He worked in Ukroboronprom, but in 2014 he left and went to the private sector.

The third plan organizer is Andrey Rogoza. His authors of the investigation are called "smuggling expert", claiming he had been winning suspicious defense contracts for a long time.

As shown by the data of published correspondence, Gladkovsky Jr. Contracts, in particular, through his father. Gladkovsky Sr., other than his position at the National Security Council and Defense, also has business relations with President Petro Poroshenko. Zhukov and Rogoza were involved in arranging direct supplies, agreements with suppliers and money transfer.

Journalists have set up at least 250 million hryvnia earned through 3 main gasket companies. But in correspondence, Rogoza recalls 500 million, so researchers suggest that the real earnings of the scheme are much higher.

In addition, in 2016, it's likely that a business would resell spare parts that already belong to the Ukrainian army and should be disposed of.

By the way, after the scandal Gladkovsky Sr. be abolished, and then dismissed from the post of chairman of the National Security Council.

Third part

The next part of the investigation appeared at the beginning of March. He says, during the fall and winter of 2016-2017, Ukraine acquired altimeters – instruments that indicate a plane situation in the air. They needed to carry out the contract with Kazakhstan on repairing military transport aircraft.

These details were imported from Russia by a group of Vitaly Zhukov's business, who corresponded to this presentation with Igor Gladkovsky, the journalists discovered. In 2017, they imported six Russian devices. Spare parts were installed on the Kazakh-26 transport in Kiev.

The supply of Moscow was conducted through a gasket company in the United Arab Emirates, from where parts were already introduced to Ukraine under the direction of spare parts for civil flight. At the same time, they were bought in Moscow for 84 thousand dollars, in the Emirates that they are already worth 90,000, and for the Ukroboronprom they cost half a million dollars – seven times more than the original price .

Zhukov, according to Bigus's investigation, is one of the main participants in the scheme. He is the connection between suppliers who carry goods, and a Ukrainian military complex that is represented by Gladkovsky Jr. and the head of Ukroboronprom Pavel Bukin. "Rollback" for intermediaries managed by Vitaly Zhukov is about 450 thousand dollars.

The journalists came to screenshots of correspondence of those involved in the investigation – Zhukov, Gladkovsky Jr., and the head of Ukroboronprom, Pavel Bukin, discussing how much and who comes from & # 39 ; r fargen hon. In the correspondence some OB appears. Journalists believe this is Oleg Gladkovsky – his middle name Vladimirovich.

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