Saturday , January 22 2022

Yfory … "firearm" in the United States Gulf


The film premieres in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region will be screened on Thursday, the first screen of the Egyptian "Gun Powder" film by Karim El Shennawi, with Ahmed El Fishawy, Ruby, Mohamed Mamdouh, Ahmed Malik and a selection of young stars.

The work creates revenue High During the first week of his presentation in theaters and Egypt, after having a good response at the public level and financial levels, to discuss a rough idea, unlike what he did in the past .

Victims' bodies reach the morgue, including the body of Alaa Abu Zeid, whose character is Ahmad Malik, who is autopsy by a slave doctor. The story about the murder of a young man in the middle of life is stunning. And he suffers from family problems, to raise in his controversial report and popular obsession and media, and political and moral allegations, and then start his trip with enthusiastic support to & # 39; the press to prove the authenticity of its report, where they change the concept of meaning of truth and security and believe in the principles and beliefs, aking decision.

"I have worked to choose the right actors for each role, considering how well each can add to the character, bringing together experienced actors and new faces," says director Karim The Shennawi.

He added that his meetings with the representatives did not read the text, as much as they talked about each character and their dimensions and hidden ones, so that they can fully understand their personality, emphasizing not interfere with the representation of each representative, but give them freedom to provide the result of their appearance of characters in front of the camera, led to excellent results in the last image of the movie.

This is not the first co-operation between Al-Shennawi and the author Haytham Dabour, as they have done more than a short film, including "The Singular", which has won several awards from more than one international festival.

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