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Why does "difficulty in ejaculation" occur and does it affect reproduction?


The delay in ejaculation is one of the common health problems among men affecting married life The problem has also increased.

Deferred ejaculation is known as a condition affecting the male reproductive system, which causes penis penis to disperse semen during sexual intercourse or in extending the process.

The delay in ejulation can be due to medical impairment, and may be associated with psychological reasons, the type of relationship with the wife, because intercourse is a process that affects and is shared by the t two spouses.

A deferred ejaculation opposite ejulation speed, which means that semen is left from the penis during sexual intercourse than desired, which is one of the sexual problems in the man too.

Causes of difficulty and delay in ejacio

– Lack of birth defects in the reproductive system sometimes affects men's health, causing a barrier to leaving semen.
– Damage to the nerves that control orgasm stage or climax in men.
– The urinary system infection is a bacterial infection and is often a bacterium of a deferred e-throw case.
– Some men suffer from ejaculation problem due to cardiovascular disease.
– The most important cause is also diabetes and inability to control blood sugar levels.
– damage to nerves in men or cases of neurological diseases.
– Disorders of hormone levels such as thyroid hormone or testosterone in men.
– Some persistent psychological causes such as depression, anxiety, tension and insomnia.
– An event of sexual frustration or intimidation of the man and not trying to get close to the other party because of marital differences between men and women.
– It can be a side effect of taking a particular medicine such as fluoxetine or thorizadine.
Chronic high blood pressure can also lead to premature ejaculation in men.

Symptoms of delay in recruitment

Delaying ejaculation of at least 30 minutes or more to reach peak or orgasm despite sexual intercourse and sexual stimulation.

Diagnosis of deferred ejaculation

The doctor will take some of the following measures to diagnose deferred ejaculation

– Comprehensive clinical audit of penis.
– Chemical testing work for blood, especially white blood cells to detect the presence of any infections responsible for delaying ejacio.
– Make sure you don't have diabetes or heart disease.
– Measuring the concentration of testosterone, because its low lead to delay in recruitment.
– Sample work of urine laboratory and analysis and microscopy to detect deferred e-throw cases.

Complications of delaying ejacio

– The man is ashamed of practicing sexual intercourse
– Depression
– The inability to reproduce is one of the most important reasons for treating delayed ejaculation in men
– Lack of sexual desire in men

Treatment of ejaculation has to be postponed

The first treatment is to treat ejaculation cases that have caused delay in making this problem If there is diabetes or heart disease, medicines are prescribed to control them. and to manage it with appropriate drugs. It can be a cause of delay in ejacio.

– Patients who do not have full ejaculation even after having steroids or masturbation should consult with their urologist to get an appropriate diagnosis.

– Men are advised to stay away from masturbation.

– It is recommended that marital differences are overcome.

– Keep men away from stress and anxiety.

– Men refrain from drinking alcohol.

Suggestions for living together with delay in ejacio

– Men should not take any treatment of erectile dysfunction unless drug interactions will cause harm to human health after consultation with the expert or pharmacist.

– Exercise regularly and daily.

– Try to keep away from stress and psychological pressure to relieve e-thrown psychological cases.

– It is recommended to give up smoking.

– Control reading blood sugar and blood pressure.

– The need to maintain balanced nutrition.

– Take care to practice some sexual hedges before starting sexual intercourse.

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