Thursday , August 18 2022

What is hip fat? UAE Today


Some women suffer from hip accumulation, despite diet and exercise, so what does this mean?

German plastic surgeon, Dr Klaus Wallenberg, said that hip fat in this case referred to the so-called lipid edema, which is a defect in the distribution of fat in the body. She explained that lipid edema affects women in particular, because of a number of reasons, including genetic factors and hormonal changes in the body of women during adolescence or pregnancy or when taking tablets or menopause (menopause).

Lipid edema is often associated with the appearance of blood clots and spider veins, and pain in contact or pressure.
Valenjbach stressed the need to consult with the doctor when you notice these symptoms, noting that the grip of liposuction can be addressed by massage and lymphatic drainage, and that it can turn to liposuction, along with adjusting t diet and exercise.


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