Monday , August 15 2022

We are publishing the Arab Journalists Report on Freedom in the Arab World for the year 2018


The Union of Arab Journalists, led by Moayad al-Lami, the chairman of Jewish journalists Syndicate, today launched its report on freedom status in the Arab world last year 2018 in 15 countries in the Arab world.

The report, from the name "Freedom, killing captive prisoners", contained four main themes: "Reports trade union organizations on the state of freedom in the Arab world, the vision of international organizations on the conditions of freedom of the press in the Arab world," , Electronic media and freedom reality are challenges and prospects of the Arab world for the future.

The first axis included the position of freedom in 15 Arab countries over the last two years. The Union has ignored a number of countries such as Algeria, because of the situation of troubled trade unions in these countries.

The second axis consisted of international institutions' vision for press freedom conditions in the Arab world, and the third axis dealt with the field of press freedom in the Arab world and the vision of trade union entities in this regard.

Although the fourth topic deals with a panel discussion on electronic media, and the reality of freedom in the Arab world, called "Challenges and prospects for the future."

The report is as follows: t

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