Thursday , May 26 2022

Video .. Zamalek wins the fourth and qualified Nahdha volcano to the role of the 8 in the Confederation Cup


Al-Masri took the highest place and place in Group D African Confederation Cup after winning a 4-0 win at home to Jormhaya Kenya in the fifth round of the group, which also saw Pietro Atletico beat Nasr Hussain Day 2-0.

Zamalek, the attacker Mahmoud Alaa, Youssef Ibrahim Obama, Farjani Sassi and Omar Al-Saeed scored in the 12th, 26, 84 and 86 minutes respectively.

Zamalek raised their lead to eight points at the top of the stalls and Gormahia lost six points to the bottom of the table.

With the victory, Zamalek was rejected by losing 2/4 in the first leg in Kenya.

Zamalek must win the next game against Nasr Hussein, who has scheduled for next Sunday, to move to the next round regardless of the result of the second game between Petro Atletico and Gormahia.

In the second game, Angola's Puerto Atletico is beaten by Nasr Hussain Daye from Algeria 2-0.

Ricardo Job scored Pietro Petro Atletico in the twenty-two minutes and Tiago Lima scored a penalty penalty in the minute 39 minutes.

Pedro Atletico raised his leader to seven points in the second place, the difference of direct conflict against the Algerian victory of Hussein Dai.

Nasr Hussein Dai beat Pedro Atletico 2-1.

In the first group, the Moroccan volcano team had qualified for the final quarter of the competition itself, after beating Oto Dujo Congolese 3-0 on Sunday, which also saw that Raja Moroco's sport fits Westai Hassna Agadir or Morocco.

The progress goals of the volcano Laba Kudjo Fodoh and Salman Ould Haj and Abdul Samad Al-Mubarki scored in the sixth, 32 and 50 minutes respectively.

The volcano rose to 11 points on top of the stalls to reach the quarter rounds, while the Oto Duyo balance stops in five points in the second place.

In the second game, he took the picture against Raja Al-Riyadi Moroco and hosted Hassania Agadir from Morocco.

Both failed to take advantage of all the opportunities they had before both goals to get a point.

Raja raised his leader to four points at the bottom of the table, gathering his chances to the quarter rounds, while Hassania Agadir rose to five points in the third place.


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