Monday , June 27 2022

Unprecedented recommendation on masks by US health authorities


In an unprecedented recommendation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America, “CDC”, advised to wear masks inside to prevent corona virus.

The latest recommendation comes with a resurgence of Coronavirus outbreaks in the United States, and warnings of a “deadly winter”.

The “CDC” said Americans should wear face masks inside other homes, in order to prevent the virus, according to a report by the American “Bloomberg” agency.

In its latest recommendation, CDC added, “Consistent and accurate use of face masks is a strategic public health issue to reduce the rate of respiratory infection (Covid-19).”

The report said that wearing masks and maintaining social distance is the most effective way to reduce Corona virus infections, along with the expected vaccines.

While the anti-Corona vaccines are nearing approval, experts suggest that the number of deaths associated with “Covid-19” will reach 4 thousand cases a day within two weeks.

Current numbers of the virus in the United States paint a bleak picture of the health situation with winter entry, as the country recorded, on Thursday, only 2879 deaths caused by the Corona virus.

On Friday, the United States recorded a record number of new infections with the Corona virus within 24 hours, reaching 225,201 new infections, according to a statistic from Johns Hopkins University.

The university said the number of new deaths from the virus in the country during the same time period had reached 2,500.

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