Friday , March 5 2021

Trump puts up threats to GM after job cuts

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Trump threatened to break GM support to produce electricity cars.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump presided over his assault on General Motors on the day following a significant reduction in staff.

Trump said on Twitter that he was "very disappointed" and "looks at breaking all the support for General Motors, including support for electric vehicles."

Trump's specific support was not immediately clear.

The GM decision to give the best to produce in factories in the United States and Canada worries a lot of politicians.

In the case of the president in particular, these job cuts are a blow, as he has rebuilt the administration's priorities in the car industry in the United States.

"I am not happy with that," he said about the decision.

GM did not respond immediately to questions about the support and support they received.

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But the company defended the restructuring plan, which said that it supports "our ability to invest for future growth and give the company the way to the long-term success, maintain and develop America's jobs."

"We appreciate the actions taken by this section on behalf of the industry to improve general manufacturing competitiveness in the United States."

Government Support

General Motors benefits from federal tax credit for electric cars, but the program runs out after the company sells 200,000 cars.

It is expected that GM will reach that limit over the next few months.

The company also received taxpayers' help during the financial crisis in 2008 and has received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants in recent years, according to a database run by Good Jobs First, a not-for-profit organization; n corporate support tracking.

Trump leaders and trade unions talked about the support plan and criticized a GM scheme.

The company announced on Monday plans to cut 15 per cent of the workforce she has paid and shut down eight plants around the world.

The restructuring comes from a reduction in car sales as the company prepares for the next recession.

General Motors said that he would give the best production of some models sold slowly, preventing production in four plants in the United States and one in Canada.

The move is likely to result in the loss of more than 14,000 jobs in North America, including more than 6,100 jobs for factory workers.

GM said that many workers would have the opportunity to move to other plants. The company also employs employees, technicians and engineers in the automotive sector and self-drive.

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