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Today News Warsaw and the Dream of the Middle East

News of the day Warsaw and dream source Middle East Israel News – the news News Arab gives details of Warsaw and the dream of Middle East Israel:

In his speech at the Warsaw Conference on Strengthening the Peace and Security of the Middle East held in mid-February, US Vice President Mike Bens described the conference as the start of a "new era". First Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said as a "historical turning point". These statements remind the major changes that have occurred in the region over the past three decades, especially since the early Palestinian-Israel peace talks began in the early 1990's. Some American and Israeli officials have described these transformations as the "Middle East new" beginnings that will change the face of the region, ending the Arabic and Israeli competition, and set Arab allies with America in one camp with Israel against their opponents.
In the early 1990's, Israeli officials, including Shimon Peres, echoed the term to preach a new Middle East which was more acceptable to Israel after the peace process. In 2006, United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice resigned the same season as a promising Middle East that included allies with America, Israel and Iraq after the American assaulted in 2003. In both cases, the call was essential America-Israel, with the aim of rebuilding the region, And Arab systems are forced to accept Israel under American pressure on the unilateral step of bolivian, in the absence of any significant influence on and the Russian pole, have different raggirls such as peace or the fight against terrorism.
The justification for peace was used by America in the early 1990's to emphasize Arabic to accept Israel in return for an increase in the discussions, which prevented the advancement of the right wing of Israel and its favor

"The Warsaw Conference appeared as a non-permanent cultural alliance, where the Trump administration came together to create a group of allies at the aim he wanted"

Unilateral solutions to make any concessions for Palestinians. The "New Middle East", proposed by former President George W. Bush, was associated with wars in the region after assaults in September 11 in 2001 and to war on terrorism. When he attacked Iraq, he called on Arab countries to reform political. But it came back quickly because of its mistakes in Iraq, the rise of the religious rocks in the 2005 and 2006 elections, and Iran's expansion in Iraq.
The "Netanyahu and Phens" conversation in Warsaw of the "New Age" and "Historical Conversion", similar to the previous two, is based on American-Israeli interests and turns from around the dream of creating a regional alliance of Arab regimes that are related to America and Israel, At present).
The new call comes eight years after the declaration of "New Middle East", unlike the one promoted by America and Israel since the beginning of the 1990's. On January 30, 2011, Maariv and Yediot Ahronot announced a new headline, New ", without previous co-ordination, to refer to what is happening in Egypt after the Egyptian rebellion against the Mubarak regime. Times, January 31, 2011).
At that time, Israeli newspapers warned of the sweeping and sweeping of the region due to the revolutions of the Arab people. In these revolutions, Israel officially saw an historic threat to its interests, which assumes the collapse of its regional strategy, which has existed since the signing of a peace treaty with Egypt in the late 1970s. The Arabian emigrant from America, which allowed him to focus on small and far-reaching threats to his assurance. Instead of being war with war with Egypt or other countries of the circle, Israel could concentrate on the conflicts with small groups, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and as far away as Iran.
Israel saw the spread of freedom and democracy in the Arab countries as a threat to the new Middle East, where the Arab people would have their rights, seeking justice and equality at home and abroad, and thus rejecting injustice against Palestinian people. Thus Israel joined forces with the anti-violent forces, especially in the Arabian Gulf (Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates), and security organizations that guard the old regimes, such as Egyptian army, to bring down the "New East" that was provoked by the Arab revolutions.
In this context, it seems that the Warsaw Conference is an American-Israeli attempt to regenerate the dream of "New Middle East", even more radical than ever, after America relocated its embassy to Jerusalem possess and break his support for Palestinians, anti-revolutionary revolutions since the Arab Spring, who seem eager to give back to Israel and the great American, after helping them to eliminate & # 39 ; the revolutions.
The United States in Warsaw did not promise any increase in the peace talks between the Palestinians

"Israel joined the anti-violent forces, especially in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates"

Israeli people. The conference was an attempt to withdraw Palestinian, informing them that they were no longer a priority for the Arab regimes, and Dennis Ross, a former US peacekeeper, also focused on his comments of & # 39 ; r inside the conference. In Warsaw, America did not call for Arab arrangements for any political reforms, as it did in 2006, but the Polish-speaking conference that is democratic. So what happened in Warsaw was far from a league based on common values ​​and organizations. On the other hand, he looked like a non-permanent reformer league, where the Trump administration collected a group of allies on a goal that he wanted to achieve, regardless of the interests of the members of the alliance itself. Thus, the Gulf countries are taking part in the conference without resolving the Qatar siege crisis. Arab parts took part in the conference without tackling their various internal emergencies. Israel took part in the conference with no serious mention of the demands of peace. On the other hand, the abusive countries have expressed their support to the conference to accompany their visions. They also welcome a new Middle East that is hostile to democracy, fighting against the fighting of religious groups and Iran rather than political reform.
This support was evident in Netanyahu's registration, within the conference for some journalists being raised by the media, before it was eliminated. The registration is part of a closed door seminar led by Dennis Ross, with Foreign Minister Bahrain Khalid Al-Khalifa, Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed and Minister of Saudi Arabia Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubair. He said he realized later that there was a "bigger challenge", the Iranian challenge, and that Iran was a reason for not solving the problems of the region, including the Arab-Israeli conflict, confirmed by al-Jubeir, who pointed out that Iran is the support from the Islamic Hamas and Jihad in Palestine, while Zayed's bin defends Israel's assaults on Syria as "self-defense".
Therefore, it seems that the Warsaw Conference is an attempt to regenerate the dream of "New Middle East" in its sense of Israel-Israel, after the Arab Spring threatens to erase it. "New Middle East" is driven by American pressures to build an Arab league that includes Israel, a league with organizations that do not worry about the people and their interests, and are worried when fighting religious and Iranian conditions. Therefore, the anti-judicial regimes, which seemed more willing to attend and participate, and play the most difficult cards, such as ignoring Palestinian rights and blurred normalization with Israel were welcomed.
Despite the above, the conference came out weak with small results, because it was held in a different international and regional context. The US pole is much weaker. Today he is busy pulling his forces out of the region, and not fighting a new war against Iran. Russia has become more desolate in the region, and its meeting with Iran and Turkey in Sochi seems to be in line with a conference that some of the largest European countries, such as Germany and France, were not enthusiastic about European division growing in Europe. Spring Spring is still reminding a great deal, even over and over, of a "New Middle East" project that is contrary to the American-Israeli project.

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