Wednesday , November 25 2020

The University Hospital in Sharjah performs the repair of a laparoscopic abdomen wall

Sharjah 24:

A surgical surgical team at the University Hospital in Sharjah has performed a laparoscopic abstraction of the abdominal wall for the first time in the United Arab Emirates to a 41-year-old patient who has had 9 pregnancies when the abdomen wall muscles are recycled using a telescope, to the muscle layer of the abdomen wall using very small surgical incisions, which helps accelerate the period of patient hospitals.

Dr. Ahmed Nada: "We use laparoscopic surgery techniques at the University Hospital in Sharjah to reduce the pain of the home and return to the home quickly. Laparoscopic laparoscopic surgery helps reduce retrospective pain, restore the patient's normal activity after surgery, and reduce the risk of wound infections. " With open surgery techniques.

The world's laparoscopic market is likely to grow from an initial value of US $ 8,975.20 million in 2018 to US $ 17,365.32 million in 2026, with CAGR from 8.60% between 2019 and 2026. Growth is the result of the large increase in GP surgeries laparoscopic world-wide, due to the increasing demand for the least invasive practices that have become an optional choice around the world.

Dr. added Ahmed Nada: "Multiple pregnancy in the woman has led to the weakness of the muscle in the abdomen and hernia due to a muscle ban that led to the vulnerability of this region. This weakness is treated by traditional methods by causing lesions leaving the scarch of about 25 to 30 cm, a scapenoscopic abdomen wall was made through small wounds, only 1 cm and a half, making this surgery easy, safe, and fast.

Dr. explained Nothing that abdominal wall restoration is commonplace among women in the Arab world, where around 30 to 40% of women in the region suffer from a weakness of muscle in the abdomen due to multiple pregnancies.

He stressed the need for women to practice regularly after the birth to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, and when this method was used for the first time for a woman aged 40 before her pregnancy nine times, Dr. Nothing has been running this practice 32 times in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

This surgery is not only needed for women, but also for male patients with hernia, with a low abdomen wall, with very high success rates and excellent functional outcomes.

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