Sunday , August 7 2022

The three major changes expected on "Watches"


News reports have revealed that the popular "Watsab" IM application is about to launch an update that includes major changes in the way the application works and the information it has presented to its users.

The WebSmart website noted that Watsab will make significant changes to the way its application works and will provide additional information to users.

Watsab will depend on a new browser that is part of the application, which provides new information and features on the Android version of the application.

Through the new update, Watsab is trying to provide additional capabilities to control users in the application, as well as giving managers more control over spreading false news or rumors.

Here are the three changes:

1. Reverse Search:

Watsab will include a new feature in the new browser that has to be included in the application, offering a reversed search image, especially within chat messages between friends or anyone from the groups that are join them, which will either be specific to a specific chat or include all messages exchanged by the user "And I'll be with you."


2. Redirecting information:

This feature will give the user additional information about how often a particular message has been sent to others.

This feature will appear in the "Message Information" section, which can be accessed by "long clicking" on the message you want to learn about.

This feature is only applied to messages sent to more than one person, not just one person.

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