Tuesday , March 2 2021

The Russian-Ukraine conflict affects Arsenal in the European league

The European Football Confederation (UEFA) has decided to transfer the game between Arsenal and Ursula Poltava to Ukraine for security reasons in the European League on Thursday.

After the introduction of the martial law in some parts of Ukraine, the European Union decided to transfer the game after the recent tension between Russia and Ukraine after seizure of three Ukrainian vessels off the Crimean coast.

Around 500 London fans are expected to travel to Kiev for 350 kilometers from Poltava.

The distance between the two cities is about three and a half hours by train, long distance and pressure for the masses that traveled too far from London to Ukraine.

The Olympic Stadium will be holding a meeting on Thursday, with Arsenal trying to win their streak win 18 games.

Arsenal is expected to suffer a lot in Kiev due to cold weather, where the country suffers severe snowstorms.

German midfielder Massoud Ozil can take part in the start after losing 2-1 to Bournemouth in the Sunday league.

Arsenal has already qualified for the next round of Group E and we look forward to winning up the group.

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