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The Organizing Committee confirms the preparations of United Arab Emirates to maintain an Asian Asian historical edition


The Arab Arabian organizing committee for the 2018 Asian Cup has confirmed the willingness of the United Arab Emirates to host the continent's largest continental championship and unprecedented history of the continental cup between January 5 and 1 February 2019, 50 days before the start & The event.

The local committee explained that the last phase saw the development and refurbishment and expansion of the eight approved stadiums for the tournament with a participation of 24 teams, in line with the highest international standards and standards in Championships & # 39 ; r World, and the development involved a lot of renovation and construction and expansion in all stadiums.

The operations included the construction of additional seats and outdoor public areas, the strengthening of ticket and catering facilities, outdoor facades, lighting and grass, supporting the aims of the organizing committee to present an exceptional version of & The tournament and set up of the United Arab Emirates to host the world's biggest sporting events.

The Organizing Committee has also completed all the requirements for the success of the championship and its excellence in all services at all levels, such as security and technical and security standards, television and media coverage, marketing and all aspects institutional.

Since the announcement of the United Arab Emirates's wins, preparations have been made for holding a Grand Continental event, under the direct supervision of the Supreme Arrangement Committee, which led to the operations and organizational plans at a higher speed in accordance with a # 39 ; r AFC. A great and important addition to the tournament.

Al Maktoum Stadium is one of the most advanced stadiums. The stadium will feature 15,000 viewers, with more than 5,000 seats and latest security, an additional stadium was added at the Rashid Stadium at Al-Shabab Youth Club, increasing its capacity of 9400,000 viewers to 12,000 viewers.

The development of the Zayed Bin Mohammed Stadium at Al-Jazira Club was completed and some of the stalls were upgraded in accordance with safety and security standards. As well as the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium at the Al Ain Club that has had limited updates, the light has been completely changed in a stadium that has not expanded extensively, Completing the Khalifa Bin Stadium Zayed in Al Ain, and Al Nahyan Stadium at Al Wahda Club, which has been renovated and expanded.

The Sharjah Stadium has had significant changes to the main stage, which will be luxurious and unique, with two stalls, one of which is a 250-seat private stall, 150 other seats, a 300-seat stand for media representatives and their different tools.

During the last period, a number of community programs have been launched to reach the widest possible number of community members to raise awareness and momentum among the different communities around the tournament. The school program has managed to reach more than 75,000 students in different schools in the country. Students to interact with the major continental event, and raise awareness of sports and cultural students by informing them of different cultures and countries participating in the tournament, to reflect the positive impact of hosting the tournament on the Arab community.

The AFC "My Sports" initiative has been very interactive among women in the United Arab Emirates, and has been active in the sport of women and soccer of Arab Emirates. The initiative has planned to encourage women across the United Arab Emirates to play different roles in football and other sports.

In a football field, dozens of amateur teams took part in the Asian Soccer Football Association similar to the Asian Cup, to spread the goals of the tournament in different communities across the world. country. Football fans were able to play on behalf of their teams in 24 teams representing the participating Asian teams. In the Asian Cup, and has continued a promotional tournament throughout the country, adding more momentum to the turkey among the public.

Applications for joining the Volunteer Program exceeded the required number of 7,000 volunteers in different areas of volunteering, reflecting the commitment of the Arab community to a volunteering culture, supporting events organized in the country and contribute to its organizational success.

On his behalf, Arif Hamad Al Awani, "Emirates 2019" Asian Cup Director, complete all the organizational preparations for the championship, in terms of stadium and training readiness, and delegation venues and team trips taking part and media delegations, and security plans and the network of transport and communications and volunteers, aims to achieve the public momentum of the championship and to stimulate the community of the United Arab Emirates in general to interact with the continental tournament .

Al Awani said that the Supreme Local Organizing Committee, chaired by Abu Dhabi Sports Council's HH Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, was keen to introduce a notable and striking tournament not only for the people of the continent but also for the whole world. And the special role of all groups that will host the continental event.

Al Awani continued: "We continue with a leading approach, to win the challenge of delivering an outstanding historical version in each of the standards, in the presence of the best sports facilities and the stadium of # 39 , the first-class luxury, as well as an integrated infrastructure. In addition, and to reflect the original model of coexistence, peace, love and tolerance among the different cultures and components of the Association of Arab Emirates, in accordance with the style and dignity mission adopted by the United Arab Emirates under its wise leadership. "

"Only 50 days away from the launch of the continental event, which will see the participation of 24 teams throughout the history of the tournament, the introduction of video aided awarding technology, the great competition that will bring together the Asian teams The range of tournaments and other important aspects that will reflect the abilities. Creativity for the children of the United Arab Emirates leads and manages the organization of major sporting events. "

He came to the conclusion saying: "We continue to work at a pace according to the organizational program, which led us to complete the preparations promptly and long before starting the tournament, especially since the last period there have been unprecedented preparations and intense meetings of the Executive with all the groups that will host the continental tournament to see all the preparations Before reaching the final regulatory action. "

Dato Windsor John, General Secretary of the AFC, said: "The tournament has reached a unique station where all the Arab Arab Emirates football fans are looking at the United Arab Emirates, especially with the high level from enthusiasm, preparations and preparations Over the last four years, the Senior Local Committee organized sincere efforts to prepare for the launch of the championship. A few days before this challenge, we renew our confidence in the ability of Arab Emissions United to present a version beyond all expectations and achieve the goals of the tournament.

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