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The latest of these is the summit, Al Ahly and Al Ittihad Stadium

The game between Al-Ittihad and Al Ahli between Borg Al Arab and Al-Max. Al-Jablaya announces the transfer of the game and the retreats after hours .. The crisis of adjournments and intermediaries strikes the Egyptian ball. The summit 117 reveals random decisions of the Egyptian ball

Mohammed Al Wardani

01 April 2019

Situation of confusion experienced by the Egyptian ball, due to the opposing decisions of the Football Union in recent times on dates and locations of Premiership matches, the latest stadium to face Ahli and Union Alexandria.

The match was due to take place on Tuesday evening at the Borg el Arab stadium in the 27th round of the Premier League, before the Football Federation's executive director, Tharwat Sweilem, announced on Monday morning that the game had been handed over. Guards Stadium From rain and poor land.

It is strange that the football federation has withdrawn its decision and announced that the game would be held on time at the El Arab Borg Stadium as scheduled, due to the security refusal to & # 39 w transfer to Al-Max Stadium. In addition, Al-Ittihad Club Alexandria held the game in the presence of the public after selling its share of tickets All right reserved.

While Borg El Arab Stadium officers will continue to prepare the stadium to be ready for tomorrow's match, then all league matches will be transferred to the Al-Max Stadium without an audience to continue preparing Borg El Arab Stadium on for Ahli and Zamalek games if the African Football Confederation approves their stay in Burj Al Arab on 13 and April 14, and if he refuses, both matches will be held at the Suez Stadium.

Al-Ahram is a continuous show in Egyptian football, which is evidenced by what happened in the 117th game between Ahly and Zamalek, which was suspended from the first round, but postponed last December, t but it was postponed more than once to be held on 30 March. The last two teams in a strange event, the game also saw a violent crisis due to rain and poor land amid doubts about his stay until the last moments, to come out in a very bad shape.

The FAW has raised the debate about the number of foreign players and the number of players on each team's list. Each year, three foreigners are changed, until 4 foreigners arrive, t with only 3 participants in the stadium before allowing the participation of four foreigners. Players in the clubs list between 25 and 30 players.

The 2019 African Nations Cup tournament showed the club's confusion after the board of directors of Gabalian rejected the bid to host the tournament after he left Cameroon after a formal meeting, the decision was rejected after Morocco refused to apply for the tournament.

The Football Federation has faced many crises with all the Egyptian clubs, large or small, in addition to the ongoing arbitration crises and the opposition to clubs, in Wales. the failure to develop the Egyptian arbitration system, which has recently been the subject of violent criticism.

Obviously, Egyptian football has come to the fore in the many delays and participation of Egyptian clubs in the African Champions Cup and the African Confederation Cup, as well as the Arab Clubs Championship, amid persistent doubts about completion & # The competition, as the current league is the longest in history and will last 13 months, 10 games, which led to a major crisis and great pressure for the games, and it is a great challenge. The opposition Zamalek and Pyramids to play their games before the Ahli game, which the tournament ended on more than one occasion.

In an official statement following Al Ahly and Al-Harbi's Al-Wehdat in the first round, Al-Ahli announced that VAR video technology would have to be used with the start of the second round of the league, to retreat from; r the decision and be adjourned for next term amid doubts about its implementation.

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