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The largest exhibition and conference in the Middle East for financial technology in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia hosts the largest exhibition and conference in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region dedicated to technology and banking and financial solutions, and will be held in Riyadh for two days , 24-25 February.

"The Middle East Technology Exhibition and Financial Conference aims to share experiences between financial, bank, investment and loan companies, and offer services," said the Middle East technical director, Walid Masad, Be aware of the latest developments in technology, to facilitate the expansion and expansion of services provided, and to provide safeguarding programs for the financial sectors that provide security and confidentiality of banking information.

He added that the participating companies provide support services to the financial and non-financial sectors, such as telecommunications and government sectors, and among the services, technical support for programs and training programs and technical consultations

Electronic system accidents and processing:

"The technical factors in the electronic systems are due to many reasons, most notably the wrong design of the programs, user misuse, and the presence of software errors that fit all new versions," said & # 39 ; r technical management director at the Middle East Integrated Solutions Company.

"System impairments are dealt with by identifying shortcomings, giving appropriate suggestions for every problem, and educating consumers in the safest way of using systems."

Protect banking information:

The most important points that financial institutions are going to tackle in the field of technology; security and confidentiality of customer data, protection from penetration, or unauthorized access to individuals.

Cut rate:

The percentage of electronic systems penetration in each sector for 2018 was above the United States 38%, followed by India 17%, then Japan 11%, Taiwan 7%, Ukraine 6%, South Korea 6%, Russia 4%, And Pakistan graduates down 3%.

"China has the largest number of people who are taking cyber attacks on the rest of the world, and the hacker aims to steal information, do too much and sell information.

ATM self-service and digitization banks:

Mr Najib Bin Najm Al Thiabi, General Manager for Business Development and Customer Relations at Al Hamrani International, said: "The technical companies specializing in financial technology, banking services and financial services provide electronic services to bank customers over 24 hours and seven days a week, the development of an ATM, according to the global trend to develop bank work in traditional ways, and to digitally reduce the branch area of ​​the bank, and introduce self-service in Saudi Arabia, who works in digital, Renovation of the old ATM card through ATM, new ATM card printing, replacement of loss, service to new customers using fingerprint technology, book printing immediately check, print a six-month account, print IBAN number, For mobile, pay bills, check or cash deposit, and update the date or residence to expire.

"80% of banking services provided to Saudi bank customers during customer bank review are digital services, 20% conventional, and the traditional work rate in Saudi banks will fall in the period who is coming, "he said.


The Technology Financial Exhibition dedicated to banking operations techniques and solutions in Saudi Arabia

Security of banking information:

He noted that the self-service machines provided by Saudi banks were certified by the international standards for information security that specialize in bank payment systems, which distinguished with a high level of security, and to comply with all technical security standards, and the ability to deal with smart chips within the card, The World Bank is about bank fraud to use the ATM card supported by Smart Chip, # 39; n protecting customer information during money withdrawal and shopping.

Reducing money:

"Global guidance is to reduce money, increase transactions, and Saund-Arabia 2030 aims to increase e-commerce by 70%. Alhamrani International is among the companies that support Saudi local market and provide solutions in electronic transactions .

Value of electronic payments:

In his behalf, Executive Director of the Saudi Payments Company, "Mada", Zaid Al-Yousef, said in his conversation with "Sputnik", that the "Mada" Saudi system of electronic payments deals with 23 billion and electronic payment on devices sales point in stores, and these were in 2018 Growth growth increased by 46% by email compared to 708 million in 2017.

Regarding the value of electronic payments made on the "Mada" Saudi national payment system in Saudi stores, Al Yousuf stated that the operations value in 2018 amounted to 32 billion marriages, with a 17% increase compared to 2017.

Sales Points in Saudi Arabia:

Al Yousuf noted that the number of sales points in the Kingdom reached 358,000 sales points, 88% of which support payments through qualifying devices and "Mada" communication technology, and all the figures support & # 39; r financial sector during the tendency towards the community "Saudi Arabia.

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