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The lack of growth hormones causes serious problems for children

Some children suffer from the problem of a lack of growth hormones, a condition caused by the presence of some problems in the pituitary gland, which cause the secretion weakness of growth hormones, so the amount produced is not enough for rapid growth bones and muscles.
Pituitary hormones are at the bottom of the brain. It is responsible for balancing hormones and body. As well as the normal growth hormone in children, this hormone decreases with age. This hormone plays a major part in the usual children's growth, as well as in some metabolic processes in children. And adults.
Adult adult hormone needs adult growth to maintain a certain level of body-related fat as well as muscles and bones. Children's growth hormone is lacking and can affect adults but to a lesser extent.
Pituitary tumors are one of the most common causes of this growth hormone deficit, as well as some other reasons, some are known and some are still unknown until some children suffer from the lack of this hormone without obvious reason
We are tackling the issue of growth hormone in children, the factors and the reasons that lead to it, with the symptoms and signs that appear as a result of this condition, and provides potential and modern methods of prevention and treatment.

Pituitary chwarren

The growth hormone has erased from the pituitary gland that has locked in the brain, and it accepts signals from another gland to produce this hormone , which helps to regulate children's rapid growth. He also has other functions related to metabolism in adults and young adults too, a gland in the size of the peas Eight types of hormones have been excluded.
This hormone is produced naturally during childhood, to stimulate and promote the growth process and protect cells, tissues and muscles, and in reducing this hormone as & The child progresses, and gradually decreases production until the person reaches a certain age where the hormone stops completely.
There are some factors that can naturally increase the secretion of this hormone, including exercise and games regularly, and it helps the sport to eliminate the fat that prevents the secretion of the hormone This hormone.
It is likely that specialists to eat proteins really affect these hormones and rates and hormones within the body, and the proportion of sleeping is deep and comfortable It helps to increase the secretion of this hormone, especially sleep during the evening hours.
A growth hormone secrets other hormones, such as growth hormone, and an insulin-like hormone, produced within the liver, and has an important role in developing children.

Muscle weakness

When a growth hormone is reduced, it becomes low in the blood, so there is a significant decrease in the growth rate rate and a similar insulin hormone. This leads to the increase in delay or growth, muscle weakness and fat accumulation in adults.
Parents with children with this problem indicate that the child is short, and weighs less than his / her peers, and can be born as a child with a lack of growth hormone as a genetic disease, including Prader syndrome, Willie and Turner Syndrome.
The family and family suffer from anxiety due to the normal child's growth, such as the neighboring owners or children of the same age, as well as less than the normal growth criteria that & # 39; The mother measures small growth, and the lack of growth hormone is a key factor in this situation.
This problem is easily addressed and the child is fully improved, in the case of an early diagnosis and diagnosis, but in the case of neglect and disorder this causes a clear lack of child height and delayed an adult.

Indigenous etiology and procurement

There are a number of factors and causes of growth hormone deficiency, some due to genetic factors and genetic conditions, and appear in cases of infection at birth, and are often associated with an abnormal pituitary gland, where Occasional stomachs and defects or adjoining glands occur, which cause disorders in Secretion their hormones, or may be a symptom of other syndromes.
The cases can be acquired after the birth, including cases of infection, and also in case of child exposure to the radiation of the brain, and some children are infected with this problem without known cases .
Scientists also noted that children with a lip lip problem often suffer from a weakness in the pituitary gland, and doctors believe that this is an imbalance caused by the growth of hormone deficiency disease.
Cancer brain tumors cause a lack of growth hormones, most of these tumors are often replaceable with the pituitary, or the hypothalamus near the brain, severe injuries to & # 39 The penalty occurs due to this deficiency or casualties and accidents in the brain, this hormone is in addition to incidence.

Sleep disorder

The brain is damaged by a lack of growth hormones, as well as surgery in the pituitary gland or its adjoining glands, which affects its role in secretion hormones, because it is associated with other glands brain.
It is scientifically known that early sleeping helps to stimulate this hormone's secretion during the night, and then do its best during this period, which helps to build the body and growth of the child naturally.
The irregularity of sleeping children in the night causes a large imbalance in this secretion of this hormone, but experts indicate that the largest proportion of growth hormone deficiency is the result of disease.

Palace or status

There are many physical and psychological symptoms of the disease in terms of the lack of growth hormones, physical symptoms and the problem of peculiar status by peers, and significantly lower pressure, and the symptoms of delay growth appear from the beginning of 6 months of age and clearly show 2 to 3 years old, and accumulate some fat around the abdomen, and their growth rate is slow or steady.
Other symptoms may occur if the problem occurs later in the brain due to an accident or brain damage, such as the growth of delays and hypoglycaemia. The child's face appears less than the same age, late adolescent, and some young people with low self-esteem Palace of status.

Cuttings and handicap

And there are also bone weaknesses of the symptoms, and thus occur in cases of cuts easily, and also feel bracket and intolerance rapidly, and show large blood fat rates and adult body, and often become older children in full compared to their peers, because the growth hormone affects the body fat storage process, and they have a clear muscle mass.
There is also an increase in the rates and rates of adverse blood cholesterol, which results from a disorder in the metabolism due to a low growth hormone, and becomes more exposed to heart disease and diabetes.
Heart failure is adversely affected by the growth hormone deficit, and it is felt that the elderly aging and fatigue are persistent, and show some psychological symptoms, including inability to concentrate and the incidence of dispersion and memory and the condition of anxiety and tension and sometimes depression and social isolation.

Growth hormone

The growth of a child's growth hormone is easy through growth hormone injection, and dose these injections once a day or several times a week, and is often sprayed under the fat layer under and croen.
Hormone therapy is one of the longest methods of treatment. In some cases, it can last for 4 or 5 years. During this time, the child's follow-up and growth measurement and duration measurement need to see the impact and effectiveness of the treatment. .

Side effects

According to a recent study, some children are born with a lack of growth hormone; the rate of one child has been infected between all 6500 births, and the child needs to grow hormone even after reaching the adolescent; to maintain a strong healthy body, and good metabolism.
Another study shows that the lack of growth hormone causes some complications, including: obesity and continuing problems, an early injury of cardiovascular disease, and showing the problem of resistance to the insulin body, and the person in the near future to the problem of osteoporosis, as well as the assault of mental and emotional disorders on The patient.
The study shows that some side effects appear as a result of treatment for the condition of the growth hormone deficit, including: headache; and keeping body fluids, as well as the sprays of the spray site, and the spinal rotation, and muscle and muscle pain, and the furnace damage.

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